Most of the EOS fitness gyms are filled with great equipment.

But, most of the EOS users have found that not all that is advertised is fulfilled by EOS. A lot of them have complained about not getting a personal trainer, or 7-day free pass, or failing to provide complete information about the contracts.

Gyms are the places that you intend to visit on a daily basis, and such fishy behavior is not something that you can let go of, especially when EOS fitness management is not ready to accept their mistakes.

You are better off them.

Cancel the membership following the given below methods.

How to cancel the EOS membership in person?

Step 1: Ask for the person handling the cancelation.

Step 2: Then, ask that person to walk you through the cancelation process.

Step 3: Oblige the T& C, and cancel the membership.

How to cancel the EOS membership over a call?

Step 1: Call (602) 368-1221 or (888) 827-9262 and connect with the EOS customer care.

Step 2: Ask him/her to cancel the EOS membership before the next billing date.

How to cancel the EOS membership over email?

Step 1: Write an email to, with all the details related to your account.

Step 2: And ask them to cancel your membership.

How to cancel the EOS membership by mail?

Step 1: Write an application with all the information related to your membership and required to access your information.

Step 2: Request them to cancel the membership.