How to Delete Recently Viewed Items & Purchase History on eBay

How to Delete Recently Viewed Items & Purchase History on eBay

Surfing through eBay in the search of products that you would like to wear and having a walk on a Florida beach is the best daydreaming trip that we all love having in our minds, avoiding our daily hustles to survive. But, after a while, the eBay browsing history can be a bit daunting. If it is full with all your future plans to have a rock star wedding or have an igloo vacation in Finland. And no one needs that “reminder” from eBay search history, we have people for that thing. So, we have prepared a list of ways to help you get rid of your browsing history and purchase history. How Can I Delete Recent History From the eBay Site? Step 1: Open the eBay home page. You’ll find your Recently Viewed items column.  Step 2: Click “Clear” to remove all the items.  Your recent searches don’t show the specific items you’ve viewed. However, they may spill the beans regarding your surprise or plans.  Step 3: To delete searches, find the “Recent Searches” box and click “Clear”.  To restrict the search box from revealing recent searches, click the search box and select “Hide eBay Suggestions”. How Do I Delete recent History from eBay App? Step 1: To delete recent items using the Windows 8 eBay app, click the menu icon and then “Settings” from the menu bar. Step 2: Alternatively, navigate to the upper-right corner of the screen to access the Windows Ribbon. Then, click Settings and App Settings. Step 3: From App Settings, select Clear Recent Activity. Related Article: How to hide Amazon orders  How to delete Purchase History on eBay Step 1: Sign in to your eBay account. Step 2: Then, navigate to your “Purchase History”, by opting for the drop-down menu on the homepage. Step 3: Select the item that you would like to remove from your purchase history. Step 4: Afterward, select “More Actions”, to open up a dropdown menu. Step 5: Tap, “Hide Item” to hide the purchase.
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