How to Cancel an Ebay Order

Experiencing buyer’s remorse? Find something better and now you need to cancel an eBay order? The good news is it doesn’t matter if you purchased your item through ‘Buy It Now’ or an auction— the steps are the same. With that said, canceling an eBay order is dependent on how recently you made the purchase.  Canceling An eBay Order Made Within the Last Hour eBay has a one-hour cancellation window in which you can cancel your order independently, as long as the seller has not already processed and shipped your order. Follow these steps: Click on “My eBay”  Click on “Purchase History” and locate the order Click on the “More actions” menu, which should appear as a drop-down next to the item. Select “Cancel order” Click “Submit” After you submit the cancellation request, it’ll be forwarded to the seller to double-check that the order has not yet been mailed. Once the seller confirms, you should receive two things: A cancellation email sent to your email addressA confirmation under “Messages” on your eBay account In cases where the seller has shipped the item within one hour, you’ll have to contact the seller directly. This is more likely to happen if you pay for the item immediately. Unfortunately, the seller can delay the refund for up to 10 days. After that period, if you still have not been issued a refund, you can take further action via eBay’s Buyer Protection Program. Customer Experience In theory, eBay’s one-hour cancellation window should ensure efficiency and less hassle, however, there are some other problems you might encounter. For example; one buyer couldn’t cancel their order within the hour due to a PayPal case being open for it. They then had to go through excruciating waits for the customer service departments of both PayPal and eBay to resolve the issue. Canceling an eBay Order Made More Than an Hour Ago To start the cancellation process for orders made over an hour ago, you’ll need to contact the seller directly. The steps are as follows: Click on “My Ebay” Click on “Purchase History” and locate the order Click on the “More actions” menu, which should appear as a drop-down next to the item, and select “Contact Seller” Select “Request to cancel this order” Write the reason for cancellation and click “Send” to submit the message to the seller Save a copy of the message until you receive confirmation of the cancellation After the message is sent, the seller will have three days to respond. Remember, the seller is not obligated to cancel the purchase. Important Information You Should Know While canceling your eBay order may seem straightforward, there are stipulations to keep in mind: Bulk Orders: You can’t cancel singular items within a bulk order. This means that if you ordered multiple items and only want to cancel one, you’ll need to cancel the entire order.Filing a Dispute: Although in certain situations, eBay’s resolution center can be helpful, if your aim is to cancel your order ASAP, try to avoid filing a dispute. By filing a dispute, you lose the option of canceling your order with the step above and instead commit yourself to a lengthy dispute process via the resolution center, which involves several days of back-and-forth between yourself, the seller, and eBay.Too many cancellations: Canceling multiple orders or failing to cancel and not paying can potentially suspend your eBay buying privileges. Avoid the Stress Contacting the seller, arranging for the refund, and ensuring your account is unscathed can be a tiresome and stressful process, especially when attempting to cancel within 60 minutes. That’s why relying on experts to streamline the process is the answer. 6ya’s team of professionals is at your beckoning call at any hour of the day. By using 6ya you’ll be immediately connected to an expert that will help you navigate the process- no transfers, no wait times.  Stop wasting time endlessly searching for accurate advice on internet forums. Instead, enlist the help of 6ya and you can rest assured knowing that your eBay order, as well as the rest of your worst tech nightmares are canceled for good.IMMEDIATE EXPERT HELP
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How to Delete Recently Viewed Items on eBay

For security purposes, or for keeping a surprise secret, it may be useful to remove your viewed items from eBay. Follow the steps below to learn how to delete viewed items using the app or eBay’s website.  Deleting From the eBay Site Open the eBay home page. You’ll find your Recently Viewed items column.  Source: Daves Computer Click “Clear” to remove all the items.  Source: Daves Computer Your recent searches don’t show the specific items you’ve viewed. However, they may spill the beans regarding your surprise or plans.  To delete searches, find the “Recent Searches” box and click “Clear”. To restrict the search box from revealing recent searches, click the search box and select “Hide eBay Suggestions”. Deleting From the eBay App To delete recent items using the Windows 8 eBay app, click the menu icon and then “Settings” from the menu bar. Source: Daves Computer Source: Daves Computer Alternatively, navigate to the upper-right corner of the screen to access the Windows Ribbon. Then, click Settings and App Settings. Source: Daves Computer Source: Daves Computer From App Settings, select Clear Recent Activity. Source: Daves Computer That’s it, you are good to go!
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How to Search eBay History

Using the ‘My eBay’ tab,  you can check your sales and purchase history. This can be extremely useful for personal record keeping. eBay store owners can also check previously sold or completed listings. Searching Completed Listings Using the advanced search feature, you can examine completed transactions or sold listings. This can be useful to estimate how much you’ll spend buying a specific item or how much an item gets sold for. Follow the steps mentioned below to search for complete listings: Click the “Advanced” tab at the top of the eBay home page. Under the “Enter keywords or item number”, type the name of the item you’re searching for. Then, tick the “Completed listings” check box for completed transactions or the “Sold listings” box for listings that have already been sold. Click Search to bring up a list of completed transactions or sold items. Finding Your Purchase History The My eBay section on eBay’s website maintains a record of all the purchases that users have made in the past 3 years. By default, all the purchases made within the last 60 days are shown. Older purchases can be viewed by filtering the year. Hover your mouse over the My eBay button and select “Purchase History” from the menu. Click on the “See orders” from the drop-down menu to select the period you want to view. Select the “Orders per page” options at the bottom of the Purchase History menu to change how many orders are shown per page. Finding Your Sold Listings You can also find records of your sales in the My eBay section. This includes items for sale, recently sold items, items returned by customers, and unsold merchandise. Each heading can be set to filter based on date or by listing format. However, the sales records only extend to the last 18 months. Hover your mouse over the My eBay button and select “Selling” from the menu. Check the relevant section for the type of history you’re looking for. For example, Sold for completed sales. Use the Period drop-down to show history within a specific period. That’s it, you are good to go!
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How to Unbid on eBay?

eBay is an online marketplace where you can buy all your favorite products at affordable prices. In eBay, you can bid on a product you want to either sell or purchase. However, eBay mostly discourages users from withdrawing their bids, but sellers and buyers who have changed their minds and meet eBay’s requirements can withdraw a bid on eBay. How to Unbid on eBay: Buyers If you place a bid on an item on eBay, you cannot easily unbid and you are committed to buying that item. However, you can withdraw your bid if you satisfy some criteria. E.g. If the seller has changed the description of the item significantly, you can unbid. Other circumstances where you can unbid are: If you accidentally bid the wrong amount. If the seller seems unreachable after the auction.  You can retract bids if there are 12 hours or more left before the listing ends. However, if there are less than 12 hours before the listing ends, then you can retract your most recent bid if it has been under one hour since you placed it. You can contact the seller directly and explain why you want to withdraw the bid.  Follow the steps mentioned below to cancel a bid: Open eBay on your web browser. Click on “Help.”  Source: WikiHow Then, click on “Retracting a bid”.  Source: WikiHow Source: WikiHow Select the item that you want to unbid.  Source: WikiHow Select a reason for retracting your bid. Source: WikiHow Retracting Buyer’s Bid on eBay Under specific cases, sellers can also retract a bid on eBay. However, it isn’t recommended unless it is necessary to do so. Sellers can retract a bid if their listing contains an error or if they feel that the buyer is not legitimate. Click on “Selling” under the “My eBay” tab.  Source: WikiHow Then, click on “Canceling bids and managing bidders” followed by the “Cancel a Bid” tab.Click the item that you would like to retract a bid on.  Source: WikiHow Then, fill out the bid cancellation form and indicate an appropriate reason for retracting the bid. Source: WikiHow Consequences of Retracting Bids In case, unbidding on eBay has become a ritual for you, you might have to face some dire consequences. E.g., if a seller cancels too many bids, the account may become limited or suspended. Similarly, buyers who unbid quite often may have their account suspended either temporarily or permanently. Therefore, it is recommended to unbid only if it is necessary. 
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How to Cancel your eBay Bid?

eBay doesn’t recommend canceling bids since they are a contractual agreement to buy the item if you win. However, under a few circumstances, the online platform allows you to unbid. The only reliable way to remove a bid is to contact the seller directly and ask them to cancel your bid. Moreover, retracting a bid without a qualified reason can lead to account suspension. Keep all that in mind before bidding for a product. Allowed Bid Retractions eBay allows bid retractions under following scenerios: Accidental bids. E.g. if you bid $100 instead of $10. If the seller had done significant changes in the description of the product. If you find the seller’s phone number or email address invalid, you can unbid it under the false proposition. Retraction Time Limits Retracting bids within 12 hours of the auction may save you from paying cancelation charges. Retracting your bid within the time frame cancels all bids you placed on the item. If you are left with less than 12 hours, you can only retract bids made in the last hour. In cases of live auctions, you can retract absentee bids made in advance, but can’t retract bids made live. Retract a Bid Log in and fill out the bid retraction form. Enter the item’s number. You find it at the top of the item’s description or in the “Bidding” list on the My eBay page.  Source: WikiHow Choose one of the reasons from the drop-down menu. Then, click on the “Retract Bid” button. If you had selected the “Entered wrong amount” reason then, you would have to return to the item’s page and place a new bid immediately after retracting. Source: WikiHow Source: WikiHow Contact the Seller If your reason for canceling doesn’t fit any of the allowed conditions, contact the seller directly.  Click on the Ask a Question” tab on the item’s page. Choose any question topic to see related FAQs, and then click on “No, I want to contact the seller.”  Source: WikiHow If the seller agrees, he can remove your bid by filling out a bid cancellation form. Sellers do not have to agree to remove a bid. However, if you win the auction you must pay the winning bid. Retracting Best Offer eBay places similar restrictions on canceling best offers as on canceling bids. If you need to retract an offer for one of the permitted reasons, log in and enter the item number on the best offer cancellation form. It must be remembered, that if the seller has set a maximum number of offers per user, retracting your offer does not grant you an additional offer.
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