How to cancel a Dropbox subscription? [Effortlessly]

How to cancel a Dropbox subscription? [Effortlessly]

For the ages, Dropbox has been the easiest way to upload, share, and save any kind of data file. But, now WeTransfer, Google Drive, Gmail, and many other free platforms have made it extremely easy, with their simple interfaces to share the heaviest file and to store them for a lifetime. And, if you are starting a new career journey or thinking of ways to cut on your business expenses. You can 100% forgo the Dropbox subscription. With all the free products available in the market, you won’t even feel its absence or requirement. How to cancel your Dropbox paid subscription? Step 1: Open up the Dropbox website on your web browser, and sign in to your Dropbox account. Step 2: Now, select the top right corner avatar picture or your picture, to open up the drop-down menu. Step 3: From the dropdown menu, select “Settings.” Step 4: Next, from the above navigation menu, select “Plan.” Step 5: Then, scroll down the page, and select “Cancel plan.” Step 6: Finally, opt for “I still want to downgrade” to complete the process of Dropbox cancelation. How to cancel Dropbox Subscription on an iPhone or iPad? Step 1: Open up the setting app on your iOS device. Step 2: Select your name. Step 3: Select, “iTunes & App Store”. Step 4: Select your Apple ID.  Step 5: Now, from the pop-up menu, select, the “View Apple ID” option. Step 6: Tap Subscriptions. Step 7: Select the Dropbox subscription. Step 8: Here, click the “Cancel Subscription” or “Cancel Trial” button as per your paid or trial plan, to cancel the subscription. Step 9: Tap Confirm, to complete the process of cancellation. How to Cancel Dropbox Paid Subscription on Android? Step 1: Open up the Google Play Store app on your Android device. Step 2: Select the hamburger menu from the top left corner of your screen. Step 3: Tap the Subscriptions option from the drop-down menu. Step 4: Select, Dropbox subscription. Step 5: Tap Cancel subscription. Step 6: Opt for a reason to cancel the Dropbox subscription. Step 7: Select, the “Cancel subscription” or “Cancel trial” button, as per your paid or free plan, to complete the cancelation process. 📺 Bonus Video: How To Cancel Dropbox Subscription  How to Delete Your Dropbox Account permanently? Step 1: Open up the https://www.dropbox.com in a web browser. Step 2:  Download all the files from the Dropbox account. As you will lose access to this data by deleting the Dropbox account. Step 3: Next, click the top right corner profile avatar, to open up the drop-down menu. Step 4: From the menu select, “Settings”. Step 5: Then, scroll down the page and press, “Delete Account” button. Step 6: Provide your password to confirm your identity. Step 7: Opt for a reason to delete the dropbox account. Step 8: Tap, the “Delete Permanently” button to delete the account forever. 📺 Bonus Video: How To Deactivate Dropbox Account | Delete A Dropbox Account Source: https://help.dropbox.com/accounts-billing/cancellations-refunds/downgrade-dropbox-plus-professional-plans https://help.dropbox.com/accounts-billing/cancellations-refunds/cancel-mobile https://help.dropbox.com/accounts-billing/cancellations-refunds https://help.dropbox.com/accounts-billing/cancellations-refunds/cancel-free-trial https://help.dropbox.com/accounts-billing/payments-billing/refund https://help.dropbox.com/accounts-billing/cancellations-refunds/downgrade-dropbox-business-to-basic
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