How to Delete DoorDash Account Quick.

How to Delete DoorDash Account Quick.

Delete DoorDash Account, and reactivate the deactivated Doordash account from the described guides. Doordash has been delivering mouth-watering food across the US, Canada, and Australia. And it is loved for its service and special offers, near the holidays. Yet, often you will found a lot of good restaurants and dishes missing from DoorDash. Like a lot of ethnic cuisines are rare to find on Doordash. But, you can always close your account on Doordash and explore other delivery platforms that can suffice your requirement. Remember: You can only delete your Doordash account from the website, and not from the app. How to delete my DoorDash account online? Step 1: Go and open up and log in to your DoorDash account.  Step 2: Navigate to Account Settings, then select Manage Account, visible near the top right corner.  Step 3:Finally, select Delete Account and cooperate with the prompted queries, before finally deleting your DoorDash account.  📺 Video on how to delete Dordash account: How to deactivate a DoorDash account? Step 1: Open up this web page, on your web browser: DoorDash Customer Support Step 2: Then provide the following:  NameEmail addressPhone number  Step 3: Afterward, tap on  Category to open up a drop-down menu, and select the Account option from the drop-down menu. Step 4: Then, select None as the Subcategory, from the multiple options.  Step 5: In the provided Description field, type in an explanation about your decision to deactivate your account. Step 6: Hit, Submit to finalize your request to deactivate your DoorDash account. Note: You will receive an email from DoorDash regarding the deactivate status of your DoorDash account. And to reactivate your account, you are required to follow the same procedure. What happens when you deactivate your Doordash account? Your profile is deleted from the DoorDash app and website, but you can always reactivate your account. How to appeal for reactivation of account deactivated by DoorDash? Step 1: Open up the Step 2: And provide all your details related to the account, and ask customer care to reactivate your account. Note: Customer care will respond to you in 5 business days if they can restore your DoorDash account. How to delete or remove a credit card from a DoorDash account? Step 1: Access your DoorDash account by logging in to the DoorDash website. Step 2: Tap on the hamburger menu. Step 3: From the opened menu, select Payments. In the Payments section, you will find a list of all of your payment methods. Step 4:  Tap three dots adjacent to the payment method you want to delete Step 5: Lastly, just select, “Delete” to delete your payment method, and “Confirm” your decision whenever asked in the following steps. 📺 Video on how to delete Credit Card from Doordash account: Source:
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