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How to Cancel Dominion Energy Subscription

How to Cancel Dominion Energy Subscription

Changing places and wants to cancel the Dominion subscription? Canceling the Dominion subscription is very easy, just follow the guide. But, in case you are looking to transfer the connection to some other place, or change the owners of the membership, that is also possible. We have created this guide with 360-degree solutions. So, it is feasible for you to opt for the best solution as per your circumstances. How to cancel Dominion Energy over the phone? Step 1: Pick up your phone and dial 866-366-4357. Step 2: Wait for the representative to come over the phone. Step 3: Ask the rep to cancel your Dominion account. Step 4: Provide the details so that your account can be verified. Step 5: In case required, provide a reason to close the Dominion account that cannot be sidelined by the rep. Step 6: Ask the rep to provide a confirmation email. Note: Make sure that you cancel the Dominion power account in advance as the company might take its sweet time to set the final date of your meter reading, and send you the last bill of their service. How to Transfer Dominion Energy when relocating? Step 1: Pick up your phone and dial the following number, depending on the location: For US, call: 866-366-4357 Outside the US, call: 001-757-857-2112 Note: Be mindful to call between, Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Otherwise, you will be contacting the automated response system of the Dominion Energy Step 2: Provide the rep with all the details related to your account. And ask them to transfer your account. Step 3: Follow the prompts as asked and pay the fees of 14$ on the first bill that you will receive once the transfer will be done successfully. How to change the name/address/joint owner etc; from the Dominion Energy account? Step 1: Pick up your phone and call  800.268.6928 to connect with the Dominion Energy Rep. Step 2: Tell the rep about your requirement. Step 3: Depending on your requirement, you can be asked to fill out a form, send some documents over email, or something else. Do, as required. And soon, you will receive an email from Dominion reflecting the changes you wanted.
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