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How to Cancel Dollar Shave Club subscription? {Effortlessly}

How to Cancel Dollar Shave Club subscription? {Effortlessly}

Everybody inherited Dollar Shave Club from their forefathers. The company just understood the needs of their customers well and kept innovating more tech-savvy and healthy products.  And probably you also felt the same way about them and opted for their monthly subscription. But, circumstances have just changed, now you have products that can survive years without changing blades or shaving cream, beards no longer offend the professional decorum, and meetings have just shifted on zoom. The world is available on our couches, and we do not need to impress anyone. So, if your life just does not have a reason anymore to continue the Dollar Shave Club subscription, then let us guide you to the swift way to cancel the Dollar Shave Club membership. How to cancel the Dollar Shave Club via the Website? Step 1: First thing first, open dollar shave club website, And Log in to your Dollar Shave Club account. Step 2: Now, go to your Membership Settings, and cancel the ongoing subscription. Step 3: Then you will be prompted to select a reason for the cancellation Step 4: The last step, left to cancel your Dollar shave club, is to confirm your cancelation. How to cancel Dollar Shave Club via Phone Call? Step 1: Call the Dollar Shave Club on, 310 975-8528. Step 2: And inquire to speak with one of their representatives Step 3: Provide all your account details to the representative, and politely ask them to cancel your subscription before the commencement of your next billing cycle. Note: Do not forget to check your account with the Dollar Shave Club for the confirmed cancellation of your subscription. Can I cancel my Dollar Shave Club order? Dollar Shave Club provides an option to reschedule the date of your upcoming delivery if the delivery has not been dispatched to your delivery address. And you can also opt for different types of Membership for Dollar Shave Club, from your Account page.   But, you won’t be able to cancel the Dollar Shave Club order, if it has been dispatched, though, you can always return it, and get a refund for it. Can I get a refund from Dollar Shave Club? Dollar Shave Club has a provision to provide a 100% refund if the customer returns the product within 30 days. 
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