Discovery Plus

How to cancel discovery plus subscription

How to cancel discovery plus subscription

How to Cancel Discovery+ Subscription Plan on Android Devices Step 1: Open up the Google Play Store on your device. Step 2: See if you are logged into the correct account. If not, sign in to your current account. Step 3: Tap the hamburger menu to open up the menu. Step 4: Select, “Subscriptions”. Step 5: Select “Discovery Plus” subscription. Step 6: Hit, “Cancel Subscription” button to cancel the subscription, and follow the prompted queries to end the subscription. How to Cancel Discovery Plus Subscription on iPhone or iPad? Step 1: Launch open Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Step 2: Tap Apple ID. Step 3: Select, “Subscriptions”. Step 4: Tap Discovery Plus subscription. Step 5: Select, “Cancel Subscription” button and follow the prompted actions.. How to Stop Discovery Plus Subscription Plan on Apple TV? Step 1: Go to the Settings of your Apple TV. Step 2: Then, select, “Users & Accounts”. Step 3: Tap “your account”. Step 4: Tap “Subscriptions”. Step 5: Tap “Discovery Plus”. Step 6: Click Cancel and follow the prompted queries. How to End your Discovery Plus Subscription on Amazon Fire? Step 1: Open Step 2: Sign in to your Amazon account. Step 3: Open up the “Digital Content and Devices” section. Step 4: Then, click on “Your Apps”. Step 5: Afterward, select “Subscriptions” to open up the list of subscriptions. Step 6: Select “Discovery Plus” subscription. Step 7: Click Cancel to cancel the subscription. How to Cancel Discovery+ subscription on Roku Players? Step 1: First, press the Home button on your Roku remote. Step 2: Highlight the Discovery Plus channel on the channel grid.. Step 3: Then, select “Manage Subscription”. Step 4: Select, “Cancel Subscription”. Step 5: Again select, “Cancel Subscription” to confirm your decision to cancel the subscription. Step 6: Finally, hit “Done” to complete the cancellation process.. How to Cancel Discovery Plus Subscription Plan on Web Browser Step 1: Open up the, on your web browser. Step 2: Then, log in to your account. Step 3: Select, “Account” tab from the menu. Step 4: Select “Manage Your Account”. Step 5: Move to the Plans sections. Step 6: And, finally hit, “Cancel” to close the subscription. How to Cancel discovery+ Subscription on Verizon Website? Step 1: Open up My Verizon, and sign in to your account. Step 2: Now, you will find yourself on the My Verizon home page, here follow the sequence:  Account > Add-ons & apps > Add-ons & apps overview. Step 3: From the ‘My Add-ons & Apps’ section, you will be able to see the Discovery + subscription. Here, click the More icon Step 4: Now, under the ‘Manage’ section, you will find the “Cancel subscription” button, and click it. Step 5:  Finally, review the message on your screen, and confirm your decision to cancel the subscription by hitting on a black button, “Remove Discovery +”. 📺 Bonus Video: 5 Things to Know Before You Sign Up for Discovery+ Source:
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