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How to cancel Discord Nitro Subscription.

How to cancel Discord Nitro Subscription.

Cancel Discord Nitro subscription on website and app. So, how was your experience with the virtual world of Discord Nitro? A lot of times it is hard to feel connected with the platform. It is fun, not denying that claim. But, even with the attractive emojis, and the extended network of the virtual world it is possible to feel aloof, using the platform. It is really, not for all. And really, not worth paying a monthly or yearly subscription, if you are not into it. How to cancel Discord Nitro Subscription on App by yourself? Step 1: Launch the Nitro app on your Android or iOS device. Step 2: Log in to your providing the right credentials Step 3: Then look for the ”Support” on the homepage, to navigate to the “Help & Support” page. Step 4: Here, select, “Submit a request”, then choose “Help & Support” you will find below the heading, “What can we help you with?” Step 5: Select, “Account deletion request” under “Type of question”. Step 6: Then fill out the form in front of you and submit it. Note: Discord Nitro will send you the subscription cancellation confirmation in your email. How Do I cancel the Discord Nitro from the website? Step 1: Open up the Discord website on your web browser Step 2: Then, log in to your account and open up the ”User Settings”. Step 3: Now, open up your subscription details by selecting the “subscription” from the menu. Step 4: Click on, “Cancel” button to cancel the subscription. Step 5: Answer the prompt queries, and confirm your decision to cancel the Discord Nitro subscription. 📺 Video on How to cancel Discord Nitro subscription: Can I pause my Discord Nitro subscription? Yes, you can pause the Discord Nitro subscription for a maximum 2 weeks time period, during this time you will be able to access only the free features. How Can I Pause the Discord Nitro subscription? Step 1: Log in to your Discord Nitro account from the website. Step 2: Follow the sequence: User Settings< Subscriptions
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