Best Guide: How to cancel a DirecTV subscription?

Best Guide: How to cancel a DirecTV subscription?

DirecTV allows you to access 80000+ shows and more than 300+ channels. But, DirecTV is a satellite-based cable service. So, it works at the mercy of the weather conditions. When it is cheapest on the market, it is also the worst product to buy for entertainment leisure. Follow the given below guides to cancel the DirecTV subscription: How to cancel a DirecTV Now Subscription? Step 1: Visit on your web browser, and sign in to your Directv account. Step 2: Click your profile avatar, visible near the upper-right corner, for the drop-down menu to appear. Step 3: Click, “User Account”.  Step 4: Click, “Manage My Plan”.  Step 5: Click the “Cancel Plan”. Step 6: Provide a reason for canceling your subscription. According to your reason, you will have to select a few more prompts. Step 7: Click, “Cancel Now”.  Note: Canceling the DirecTV subscription is only possible via the DirecTV website, and not by the app. After following the above process, the subscription will be canceled within 24 hrs. How to cancel the DirecTV subscription via phone? Step 1: Call 1-800-228-2020 to connect with the DirecTV customer care, between 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. EST seven days a week.  Step 2: Make sure to send back the receiver and remote. Step 3: Pay the remaining bill. Step 4: Ask the representative to cancel the subscription, and pay the early cancellation fee if applicable. Note: Be mindful of the fact that if you ask the representative to cancel the subscription, after 7:00 PM EST, then your subscription will be canceled by the next business day.  This means that DirecTV can very well initiate the next billing cycle if you fail to cancel the subscription before 7:00 PM EST. Is there any cancellation fee for early cancellation of DirecTV subscription? There are two fees that you are bound to pay if you decide to cancel the subscription early: Deactivation feeEarly termination fee The deactivation fee for canceling the DirecTV subscription is 15$. And the Early Termination fee for every remaining month is 20$. So, if you request to terminate the subscription when three months are left, then you have to pay a sum of 75$. How to Cancel Without Early Termination Fees? To cancel the DirecTV subscription without paying any early termination is possible if you can  you are canceling the subscription because of the following reasons: Going to a place where DirecTV does not provide its services.Moving to some place where dish satellites are not allowed.Constant outages.Joining Peace CorpsCanceling the subscription, for a deceased relative.
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