How to cancel Digit {Complete Guide]

How to cancel Digit {Complete Guide]

Have you completed your saving goal on Digit? Digit is a very smart way to have a financial advisor at a rate of 5$/month, to look after your investing needs. The Digit app, helps you track your investments, grow your money, and systematically save some money every month. Something that most of us fail to do because of our short-sightedness with money, and lives paycheck to paycheck. If you have completed your set goal for the dream wedding, or have learned how to invest on your own, then taking a gap from Digit will be good for you. Read the described guides below to learn how to cancel Digit. I deleted the Digit app – is my account closed? Deleting the Digit app does not unlink your Digit account from your bank account. You have to follow the given below process to close your Digit account. How do I delete my savings account in digits? Step 1: Visit https://digit.co/manage-account on your web browser. Step 2: Log into your Digit account. Step 3: Scroll down the page and look for “Close Digit account”, and tap it to initiate the process of closing your Digit account. Step 4:  Afterward, select a reason to close the account.  Depending on the reason you selected to close the account, you might have to answer a few more questions. Step 5: Then, leave a comment if you like and press, “continue” to move ahead.  Step 6: Now, hit “Close My Account”. Step 7: Re-enter your password.  Step 8:  Hit “Close Account” to finally close the account. You will get a confirmation message on your screen and as well on your phone if your number is connected with the Digit. What happens if I close my Digit account? All your savings will be retired to the account linked with the Digit account. Afterward, you will receive the notification of the same on the email and number linked with the Digit account. Can I pause my Digit membership? You can pause the Digit account from deducting a monthly account from your account to the Digit saving account. But, that will not halt the Digit to deduct the monthly membership cost. If you wish to stop the Digit account from charging any monthly fee and saving deduction, then you should either unlink your bank account from the Digit account or close your Digit account. You can reactivate your closed account if you wish. Reactivating a closed Digit account If you wanna reactivate your closed account within the first 30 days of closing your account, then you are required to just sign in to your account using your old username and password https://digit.co/signin  If 30-days have passed then, you will be required to create a new account: https://digit.co/signup Source: https://help.digit.co/hc/en-us/articles/204630307-Closing-your-Digit-account https://digit.co/terms
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