How to Cancel Dermstore subscription? [3 Successful Methods]

How to Cancel Dermstore subscription? [3 Successful Methods]

Investing and selecting the right products for your beauty health can take some real hard work. You will have brands promising you stars, but you won’t see any result or will do the worse, if not any good. Having good skin health or hair health is no joke, it takes discipline, meditation, and real-GOOD products to keep it going. So, if you bought into BeautyFIX subscription plan or a different subscription plan from Dermstore or any other subscription from them, and now it seems that: A.You don’t need the product anymore as you have recovered from the condition, or B. The products are no good, or C. Having a delivery issue, or D.Just got a better option, or E. They have raised the price of the subscription. Well, whatever your reason is, it’s about time to end your Dermstore subscription plan. How can I cancel my BeautyFIX/Dermstore subscription over the phone?  Dermstore provides two kinds of subscription: A.BeautyFIX subscription B.Dermstore (Self-curated) subscription The BeautyFIX subscriptions are auto-renewed every month until you opt to cancel them. While the Dermstore subscriptions are renewed at the set frequency of your selection. To cancel any of the subscriptions, you have 24hrs before the date of the next shipment of BeautyFIX or Dermstore subscription. Step 1: Call  (800) 213 – 3376 to talk to Dermstore’s representative, and ask them to cancel your subscription. Important: They have limited open hours. Operational hours for Dermstore are: Monday – Friday, 5:00 am to 7:00 pm Pacific Time,  Saturday from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific Time.  *They’re closed on Sundays and holidays. How can I cancel my BeautyFIX/Dermstore subscription over the website?  Step 1: Go to the Dermstore website. Step 2: Log in to your account, go to your purchased subscription and opt to cancel. You will receive a cancelation confirmation via email. How can I cancel my BeautyFIX/Dermstore subscription over email?  Dermstore has no provision of canceling subscriptions over email, so you will be required to cancel your subscription over the phone or via your account. Though if you need to reach out to them via email; you can email them at:
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