How to cancel Dazn subscription?

How to cancel Dazn subscription?

Have you been watching too much of Dazn? Well, in a world where working is a necessity to survive, you cannot afford to live by distractions. And moreover, Dazn is a live-streaming app, so if you have decided to limit its usage until your next favorite sports championship commences, that is a great idea. You can delete your Dazn subscription now or can pause it, depending on how long you won’t be using it. To put a pause on your running Dazn subscription, you are required to log in to your account, click on “pause”, select a duration to pause for, and finally confirm your decision. It is that easy. But, you can only pause your Dazn subscription for 8 months. So, if you won’t be using the Dazn for more than 8 months, it will be better to cancel the subscription. How to Cancel Dazn Subscription on Dazn Website? First of all, open up the Dazn website https://www.dazn.com/ on your web browser, and sign in to your Dazn account.Then on the Dazn website homepage, you will notice a “live chat message box”; click on it.You will be required then to answer a few queries from the end of the Dazn, to authenticate your account.After passing the authentication for your Dazn account, you will be required to ask to speak to the representative of the Dazn.Finally, you will be asked to answer a few questions, before finally completing the cancellation process for your Dazn account. How to Cancel Dazn Subscription on Android Play Store? Open up the Google Play store on your phone.Click on the hamburger menu, located near the top end of your Android device.Then from the menu select, “subscription”, and open up the list of subscriptions.And from the list of the subscription select the Dazn subscription.Finally, cancel the subscription by clicking on, “Cancel subscription”, and cooperate with the prompted queries. Moreover How to cancel Dazn Subscription with Google Play store on PC? Visit the “Google Play Store“ on your PC, and log in with your Google account with which you signed up for.Then on the left side of your screen, you can find “My subscription”, click on it.And then search for,” Dazn”, from the subscription Now, look for “Google Dazn” from your subscription list, and then click on “Manage subscription”.Finally, you will be asked to cooperate with the few directives, before finally canceling your Dazn subscription. How to Remove Dazn Subscription on Roku? Pick up the Roku remote, and navigate to your Dazn account.And then go to  “Manage Account”, by clicking on the *.Then click on the subscription option, and click on the “cancel the subscription”, to cancel the Dazn subscription, after following a few queries from Roku. Source: https://www.dazn.com/en-US/help/articles/how-do-i-cancel-my-subscription https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en
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