How to cancel CuriosityStream subscription?

How to cancel CuriosityStream subscription?

CuriosityStream is another interesting streaming platform that only caters to the entertainment needs of people who are interesting in ”KNOWING IT ALL”. On CurosityStream you will be able to find documentaries on every topic that you ever imagined, along with the topics, regarding which you cannot even comprehend their existence in our existing world. The documentaries are gripping and exciting. But, only if you care about all the topics, they have to offer.  It is very much possible that you have explored everything they had on “Astronomy”, and watching other documentaries just bore you to death. If you are feeling you are in such a rut, it is better to cancel the monthly or yearly CuriosityStream subscription. How to cancel my Curiosity Stream subscription via the website? Launch the CuriosityStream official website on your web browser, and log in to your account.Open up the Account Page, and click on the cancel link.Thereafter, CuriosityStream will ask you to cooperate and answer the prompted queries, before finally ending your Curiosity Stream subscription. How to cancel CuriosityStream subscription through iTunes App Store? First of all, open the Curiosity Stream App on your device.Click on the settings, visible at the bottom right corner of your screen.Clicking on, “Settings” will take you to the,” Setting page”, here select,” Manage Account”, which will bring you to the iTunes account’s subscription list page.From the list of subscription, select the Curiosity stream and then subsequently cancel the subscription by clicking on, “ Cancel Subscription”Then you will be prompted to fill out a survey, asking the reason behind canceling the subscription before finally canceling it. Note: If you are looking for how to cancel the Curiosity Stream subscription via the Google Play store, you will have to follow the same procedure, mentioned above.  How to cancel the Curiosity Stream subscription through Roku? Step 1: Pick up the Roku remote and press the home button on it. Step 2: Then navigate to the CuriosityStream and highlight it using the directional buttons. Step 3: After highlighting the CuriosityStream, click on the * to open up the pop-up menu for the CuriosityStream. Step 4: From the given menu select the Manage Subscription”, to open another pop-up menu on your screen. Step 5: Now, from this menu select, ”Cancel subscription” to cancel the Curiosity Stream subscription. Step 6: selecting, “Cancel subscription” will trigger a pop-up message on your screen telling you the final date till which you will have the access to the content after canceling the subscription, along with two options below the message: Pause subscriptionCancel Subscription. Select cancel subscription to cancel the Curiosity Stream subscription via Roku
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