How To cancel Crunchyroll subscription?

How To cancel Crunchyroll subscription?

Are you an Anime fan, and have been using Crunchyroll, to binge-watch your favorite shows? But,it seems that Crunchyroll does not care enough to improve their video quality, subtitles, and content library. Making it very hard for a lot of Anime fans to enjoy their favorites.  Well, you can always go for the alternatives instead of continuing with Crunchyroll, because it is no entertainment if you are irritated the whole time. And feeling more stressed after making an honest effort to watch an anime movie or series. To cancel your Crunchyroll, follow the given below step guides. How to cancel a premium Crunchyroll membership from the website? Go to, and log in to your account.Open up the drop-down menu by clicking on your profile icon or picture. From the menu select, “Settings”.Then, below the account settings section, you will find, “Premium Membership Status”. Click on it.This will take you to another section here, click on the “Cancel Membership” button to initiate the Cruncyroll subscription cancellation process.A pop-up will get triggered on clicking on the “Cancel Membership” button. The pop-up will ask you to re-confirm your decision to cancel the Crunchyroll subscription.  Click “OK” here. How to Cancel Crunchyroll via a web form? Open up this link on your web browser.  Submit a request Then, from the dropdown menu, you are required to choose, “Account/Login”.Now, carefully fill out the the asked details, such as your account detailsFinally, click on, “Submit” to submit your form. What happens after canceling Crunchyroll? You will have access to the remaining time period of your current billing cycle.
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