2022 Updated:  Return Cox Equipment.

2022 Updated: Return Cox Equipment.

Things to know before returning the Cox equipment: Cox gives you a window of 30 days to return the new product which is not working for some reason, but for the canceled services, you are required to return the equipment within the next 10 days.In case you fail to return the Cox equipment for any reason, you will attract a penalty that can be equal to half the cost of the equipment in some scenarios.While returning the equipment, makes sure that you are returning all of the following as per your service: Wireless GatewaysTelephone modemsInternet modemsDigital receiversTelephone equipmentNetgear routerPower cordsHomelife TouchscreenSecurity gadgets 4. To contact Cox customer care, dial: 800-234-3993.  How to return the COX equipment with a recovery kit? Step 1: Open up the COX website and log into your account.  Step 2: Search for the option providing “Recovery Kit”. In case you cannot find the option, ask for the recovery kit in the chat. Step 3: Pack the equipment carefully in the received recovery kit, and paste the return shipping label on the package. Step 4: Drop the package at the UPS or COX solution store near you. Step 5: Save the tracking receipt. Step 6: Track the equipment to be on the safe side. How to return the COX equipment in person? Step 1: Uninstall all the cox equipment, and make sure that nothing gets damaged while installing the equipment. Step 2: Search the nearest COX store Step 3: Drop the equipment then and there, and ask for the receipt to keep it as proof to deliver the package.
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