Quick Guide: Return Comcast Equipment.

Quick Guide: Return Comcast Equipment.

Things to Know Before Returning the Comcast Equipment: You are required to return the Comcast equipment within 10 days of canceling the services.The equipment must be in good working conditions.You are required to return everything that came with the equipment (remote, converters, connectors…).If you will not return the Comcast equipment, they will charge you for the brand new equipment, irrespective of the condition of the equipment.Even after getting the fine, if you don’t return the Comcast equipment, Comcast will raise the issue with the Collective Agency. And Collective Agency will put bloat on your credit history. Comcast/Xfinity stores do not accept the return of equipment for the followings: Comcast Business InternetComcast Business VoiceComcast Business SmartOffice cameraComcast Business VoiceEdge equipment How to return the Comcast equipment to the Xfinity or Comcast store? Step 1: Return the equipment of Comcast to the nearest Xfinity or Comcast service center. Step 2: Ask the receiver at the store to delete your account. They will delete your account after checking the working condition of the equipment. In case of missing parts or not working equipment, a fine will be charged. So, make sure the equipment is working and intact. Step 3: Take the receipt, confirming your return. Step 4: You will receive a confirmation email. Bonus Video: How to Cancel Comcast & Return The Equipment How to return Comcast equipment to the nearest UPS Store? Step 1: Locate the nearest UPS store. Step 2: Return the equipment, and ask for the receipt of the returning document. Step 3: And track the returning equipment via package code. Aside from that, you also have the option of using a prepaid UPS shipping label to return equipment. However, you would need to continually follow up so that it doesn’t get lost along the way. You should receive a receipt that confirms the equipment return. Am I risking my credit history when I do not return Comcast equipment? Will this always show up on my credit? Yes, every time someone will run your credit history, your fines for unreturned equipment will show up.
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