Updated Guide: How to cancel Chegg Subscription?

Updated Guide: How to cancel Chegg Subscription?

Chegg came into the online education market, in 2005, and since then it has helped millions of kids and hundreds of online tutors, to build their careers. But, even when there are ample opportunities to study and teach; students, parents, and tutors have often found themselves frustrated with the Chegg platform. The study material is often not personalized and engaging as per the kids, and too many tutors never give fair chance to young tutors to grow. So, we have sorted the methods to cancel all the Chegg subscriptions, and get a refund on the left minutes. How to Cancel Chegg Subscription Via Website? Step 1: Open up, and ‘Sign In’ into the Chegg account. Step 2: Navigate to the “Settings” section from “My Account”. Step 3: Then follow this order of selection:  “Orders” < “Subscription”< ”Cancel Subscription” Step 4: Opt for a reason for canceling the Chegg subscription, and confirm your decision, when asked. Note: You will receive a confirmation email regarding the cancellation of the Chegg subscription. And, you will have access to the paid feature until the end of the subscription. How to Cancel Chegg Subscription Over Phone? Step 1: Dial, 1-855-868-1054 to connect to the Customer care representative of Chegg. Step 2: Provide all the details regarding your Chegg account, and ask them to cancel before the commencement of the next billing cycle. How To Cancel Chegg Membership On iPhone? Step 1: Firstly, open up the iTunes app or Settings on your iPad or iPhone. Step 2: Tap on your name or Apple ID, visible on the top to open up more options. Step 3: From the list of options, select ”subscriptions” to open up the list of subscriptions. Step 4: Now, select the “Chegg Study” subscription from the list. Step 5: Turn off the button to seize the subscription from auto-renewing herself, and confirm your decision when asked. How To Cancel Chegg Subscription by Google Play Store? Step 1: Open up the Google Play store. Step 2: Hit the hamburger menu from the left top to open up the menu. Step 3: From the menu select subscriptions to open up the list of subscriptions Step 4: From the list of subscriptions select the Chegg Subscriptions Step 5: For the subscription, hit, “Cancel Subscription”. Step 6: Cooperate with the promoted queries and confirm your decision when asked. How To Cancel Chegg Tutors Membership? Step 1: Sign in to your Chegg account from the website on any browser and device. Step 2: Follow the sequence: Settings on ‘My Account’ < ‘Orders’  Step 3: Find the ‘Chegg Tutor’ plan, in your Subscription tab, and hit “Edit Plan”. Step 4: And select, the option giving you the choice to pay as you go, and with immediate effect stops the recurring subscription fee. Can I get a refund from Chegg? If minutes are left on your subscription, then you can ask Chegg for a perforated refund. You can call them and ask for a refund. 📺 Video on how to cancel Chegg subscription: Source:
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