Don’t want to Anytime Fitness?

Anytime Fitness is pretty great and allows you to exercise at the anytime of your choice, which is a real boost.

But, if you are switching to some other physical activity, or to some other place, and don’t have an Anytime Fitness gym there, then it is better to cancel the membership beforehand.

Read the given below process to cancel the membership.

How to cancel Anytime Fitness membership by phone?

Step 1: Call Anytime Fitness customer care at 011 4540 2260, and ask the person in contact to cancel your membership.

Step 2: Provide all the details related to your membership, and cooperate if anything is required to be done from your side to cancel the Anytime Fitness membership.

How to cancel Anytime Fitness membership in person?

Step 1: Ask for the person handling the membership cancelation in the nearest Anytime Fitness, and ask the person to go through the cancelation process for your membership

Step 2: Oblige with the steps and cancel the Anytime Fitness membership.

How to cancel the Anytime Fitness membership online?

Step 1: Open the Anytime Fitness website and log in using the credentials of anytime fitness contract cancellation process

Step 2: Follow the sequence: Membership section< Cancel tab< Cancellation Page

Step 3: Here, provide:

Joining date

Full name

Full address

Membership number

Cancelation date

Club address

Step 4: Then you are required to hit, “Proceed” and pay any cancelation fee applicable here.

Can you pause the Anytime Fitness membership?

You can pause the subscription for up to three months, twice a year.

But, you will have to pay 2.50$ weekly or more.