Don’t want the extra money or the UrbanSitter to have yourself some extra time. Well, in such a situation just remove yourself from the UrbanSitter.

But, before doing so be mindful of withdrawing cash from your UrbanSitter account.

Now, follow the given below method to cancel the UrbanSitter membership:

How To remove yourself as a subscriber to UrbanSitter?

Step 1: Open up the UrbanSitter website on your device, and log into your account.

Step 2: Go to the Account Settings page. 

Step 3: Next, choose, “Account Basics”.

Step 4: Select, “Change Membership Plan”.

Step 5: Select Membership Plan

Step 6: Subscription Cancellation Form will open up on your screen, here provide your reason to cancel the subscription.

Step 7: Click Cancel Now.

Step 8: Confirm Cancellation.

📺UrbanSitter How It Works Video

What Happens After You Cancel Your UrbanSitter Membership?

UrbanSitter will withhold the following pieces of information related to your account.

  • Account details
  • Message history
  • Payment details

In case you want them to remove your information from their database, you will have to send them an email.

Can You Get a Refund on Your Subscription if You Cancel Early?

No, UrbanSitter does not have any provision to provide refunds for early cancellations.

Does UrbanSitter Offer Free Trials?

Yes, UrbanSitter provides month-long free trials. But to avail of the free trial, you are required to create the complete profile with UrbanSitter and your credit card details. 

During the free trial, you will have complete access to the premium services. But if you fail to cancel the free subscription before the last date, it will automatically be updated to the premium plan.