• Cancel Showtime subscription on Showtime website, Amazon, Roku, Apple TV, and phone.

Showtime has only 424 movies and only 63 shows as of now! If you are a Binge-watcher, you will pass that count pretty soon.

Above that, Showtime has the most expensive subscription service in the market, which does not allow more than 3 people to watch simultaneously.

No doubt, some of the content is really good, but you will be done with it in less than three months. After that, there will be no point in paying for the subscription, though you can always purchase another subscription with more shows and stuff than Showtime.

How to Cancel Showtime Directly on the Website?

Step 1: Open the Showtime website on your search engine.

Cancel Showtime subscription online

Step 2: Select the profile icon from the top right corner of the screen

Step 3: Navigate to “Account Settings”.

Step 4: Finally, hit “Your Subscription” and then click on the “Cancel Your Subscription” button.

Step 5: Follow the prompted queries.

How to Cancel Showtime subscription on Amazon?

Step 1: Open the Amazon website on your web browser.

Cancel Showtime subscription on Amazon

Step 2: Then, open the drop-down menu by selecting “My Accounts”.

Step 3: Afterward, select “Your Android Apps and Devices”.

Step 4: Select, “Your Subscriptions”.

Step 5: Select, “Showtime Subscription” 

Step 6: Finally, hit, “Cancel Subscription” 

How to Cancel Showtime subscription using Any Apple Device?

Step 1: Open up Settings on your Apple device

Step 2: Hit your username, near the top of your screen

Step 3: Select “Subscriptions”.

Step 4: Select “Showtime”.

Step 5: Finally, disable the Automatic Renewal button, and cancel the subscription

How to cancel Showtime subscription over the phone?

Step 1: Call up 1-866-200-7192, and connect with Showtime customer care.

Step 2: Ask them to cancel the Showtime subscription.

How to cancel Showtime subscription on the Roku website?

Step 1: Open up Roku.com 

Step 2: Select,” Manage Your Subscriptions”.

Step 3: Select “Showtime”.

Step 4: Click, “Cancel”.

How to cancel Showtime subscription on your Roku device?

Step 1: Navigate through the channel grid, select Showtime, and press * on your remote, to trigger a pop-up menu n the screen.

Cancel showtime on Roku

Step 2: Select, “Manage Subscription”.

Step 3: Select, “Cancel Subscription”.

📺 Video on how to cancel Showtime subscription: