• Discover: Remove Mylife data and cancel Mylife membership.

In 2019 CBS DFW did a very alarming profile piece on the working of Mylife.com

You can watch that profile piece here:


Mylife.com has built its business on judging our lives and has assigned a reputation score to each one of us.

The reputation score is calculated on the information deducted directly from different social media sites and public court records.

A lot of times the information that gives you a bad reputation score is false, and misrepresented. The saddest part is, most recruiters, homeowners, and concerned people pay Mylife.com to get access to such records.

This reputation score idea judges, you like a criminal, and like a data set, which is unethical on so many levels.

Below, we have catered a list of ways to make it very easy for you to cancel your Mylife.com subscription and remove your profile from it.

How to cancel MyLife.com membership over the phone?

Step 1: Call 18887041900 to get in contact with the Mylife.com team

Step 2: Ask them to terminate your Mylife.com membership, and send a confirmation email once it is done.

How to remove my profile from Mylife.com by email?

Step 1: Write an email to removalrequest@mylife.com, with a subject line, “Remove my profile”

Step 2: Enclose that you don’t want your profile to be shown on your website and you feel violated and it is harming your reputation.

How to cancel Mylife.com membership by mail?

Step 1: Write a request regarding the termination of your membership, and enclose all the account detail in the application.

Step 2: Send the application to :

2118 Wilshire Box 1008

Santa Monica



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