• Cancel MLB TV subscription via email, phone, and MLB TV website if purchased directly via MLB. TV

Don’t wanna play ball anymore?

MLB TV is by far a great streaming app, truly loved by Baseballs fans. The only complaint you will hear is about the few chopped views here and there.

But, when everything is great the streaming app does not provide more sports to watch, and that’s where you feel the pinch and wanna cut the cord and opt for something that gives you more options.

Here’s are the methods, following which you can cancel the MLB TV subscription.

How to cancel MLB TV membership online?

Step 1: Visit the MLB TV website and log in.

How to cancel MLB TV

Step 2: Hit on your username in the dashboard and select, “Profile”.

Step 3: Select, “Audio or Video Subscription”.

Step 4: Select, “Cancel Subscription”.

Step 5: Provide a reason to cancel the MLB TV and hit, “Cancel Subscription”.

How can I cancel MLB TV membership over the phone?

Step 1: US residents are required to dial 866-800-1275, and non-US residents are required to call 512-434-1542.

Step 2: Ask the customer care representative to cancel the MLB TV membership

How do I cancel MLB TV membership by email?

Step 1: Write an email to subscriptioncancel@website.mlb.com, with all your account details.

Step 2: Ask them to delete the membership.