If you are buying prescriptions that are not covered under health insurance, GoodRx coupons can save a lot of money for you.

GoodRx has tied with more than 60,000 pharmacies, and has lucrative coupons for most prescriptions, making it easy for the buyers to save a lot of money.

But, most of us, for one or another reason, won’t need GoodRx for life. If you have found yourself in such a place, you can cut cords with GoodRx, by following our detailed guide.

How to cancel GoodRxmembership on Mobile Web Browser?

Step 1: First of all, log into the GoodRx website. And click the human avatar on the top right corner of your screen to open up the drop-down menu. From the menu select, “GoodRx Gold”.

Step 2: Now the details related to the GoodRx Gold plan will be in front of your screen. Here, click the Cancel Membership button.

Step 3: Take notice of the small green pop-up message near the bottom corner of your screen, confirming the cancellation of your membership. After this, you will no longer see the subscription GoodRx Gold appearing in the menu.

📺 Bonus Video: How GoodRx works

How to cancel the Gold membership on desktop web browsers?

Step 1: Log into your GoodRx account from your desktop web browser. After that look for “GoodRx Gold” under the Your Account section on the left side of your built-in menu.

Step 2: The details regarding your GoodRx Gold membership will appear in front of your screen. Here, select the “Cancel Membership” button.

Step 3: Take note of the green pop-up message on your screen confirming the cancellation of your membership.

How do I cancel my GoodRx Gold membership?

Step 1: Call 1-855-912-6346 to connect with the live agent of GoodRx.

Step 2: Keep in mind that you can get in contact with them from Monday to Friday from 8 AM–9 PM ET, Saturday from 10 AM–6 PM ET, or Sunday from 10 AM–5 PM ET.

Step 3: Ask the representative to cancel the membership as soon as possible, and provide all the details asked of you.