Planning food is serious business.

You cannot fix mac and cheese and just be done with it. These simplest recipes are cheap and yummy, but they sure don’t suffice all the nutrients needed for our bodies to grow healthy.

In such scenarios, you need a planer and provider like Emeals. Emeals does everything for you, it plans the meal, provides the recipes and provides the vegies for it.

But, if for some reason, you think it is way too much work for you, you can either watch the given below video to use it better or read the given below guides to cancel the subscription.

📺 Bonus Video: Emeals Review 2021 – How to Use Emeals for Meal Planning.

How to cancel Emeals subscription over the phone?

Step 1: Call (205) 721-8820 or (855) 328-2674 to connect with the Emeals representative.

Step 2: Provide your information related to your account, and ask the representative to delete the subscription before the commencement of the next billing cycle.

Note: You need to remember that Emeals usually recommends its customers to cancel the subscription prior to more than 2 days from the date of next billing or they might make you pay as the subscription charges on your account at the end.

How to Cancel the Emeals subscription via social media?

Step 1: Write comments or tweets tagging the following pages to attract the attention of the representative of the Emeals, asking them to cancel the Emeals subscription.

How can I claim a refund from the Emeals?

Emeals does not provide any refund for any early cancellation.