If your dog just passed, or the staff of Banfield Wellness didn’t treat your dog great, or your dog just throws a tantrum every time you have to go to Banfield Wellness, it is probably the time to let go of the Banfield Wellness subscription.

And to cancel the Banfield Wellness subscription is very easy. There are three methods to cancel the subscription, and we have included all of them for you here, just follow the guide:

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How to Cancel Banfield Wellness Plan via Email?

Step 1: Write an email, addressed to: wellnessplanrelations@banfield.com

Step 2: Subject to the email, “Cancel Banfield Wellness Plan”.

Step 3: Include all the details related to your account.

Step 4: Ask them to cancel the plan before the commencement of the next billing cycle.

How to Cancel Banfield Wellness Plan via Phone Call?

Step 1: Pick up your phone and dial 888-649-2716

Step 2: Wait for the rep to get connected.

Step 3: Ask the rep to cancel your plan and provide them with all the details as necessary.

Step 4: Ask them to send a confirmation email regarding the cancelation of the plan.

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How to Cancel Banfield Wellness Plan via Website?

Step 1: Open up the Banfield website and log into your account.

Step 2: Head to the “Account” section.

Step 3: Select, “ Manage Plan”.

Step 4: Untick the box for, “Renew” and follow the prompts to complete the process.