As our lives have been launched to online platforms all of a sudden.

Creating meeting links, inviting people to them, and canceling them has become a very bit part of our jobs. You cannot risk, doing it wrong.

So, to learn how to cancel meeting on the Outlook right, read the methods below and use when required. Obviously!

How to cancel a meeting in Outlook?

Step 1: Tap the Calendar icon, near the bottom left corner of the Outlook inbox.

Step 2: Open up your Calendar, click right on the meeting that you want to cancel.

Now, you can only cancel the meeting if you are the organiser of the meeting, by clicking on, “Cancel Meeting”.

If you were invited to the meeting, click “Delete” or “Delete Meeting”, to delete the meeting from your calendar.

Step 3: Click “Send Cancellation.” In case you are using a Mac, select, “Save & Close”.

Note: Depending on the version of Outlook, you will be able to send a message regarding the cancellation to all the attendees. Type the message, and hit, “Send Cancellation.”

How to turn off Microsoft Outlook desktop notifications and reduce distractions while working?

Step 1: Open up your Outlook desktop inbox, and tap the cogwheel icon, near the top right corner of your screen.

Step 2: Select, “View all Outlook settings.”

Step 3: Select, “General”.

Step 4:  Select “Notifications.”

Step 5:  Scroll through the “Desktop Notifications” section, and see if the toggle button for, “Send me browser notifications when a message arrives” is on.

Step 6: Toggle off the button for, “Send me browser notifications when a message arrives”. 

The toggled off button will be grey and white.

How to add Zoom to your Outlook account to video conference with your contacts?

Step 1: Open up Microsoft’s App store, look for, “Zoom for Outlook”, and hit, “GET IT NOW” button. 

Step 2: Type-in your email address, and hit, “Sign In.” 

Step 4: Select, “Continue.” 

Step 4: Click, “Install.” 

Step 5: Select, “OK.”