Things You Need to Know Before Subscribing to BumpBoxes

Things You Need to Know Before Subscribing to BumpBoxes

Who doesn’t want gifts coming their way, every month? Especially when you are pregnant! (CONGRATS!!!) Even the idea of subscribing or gifting such pampering programs, that will deliver gifts, directly at the doorstep of your loved ones or yours, sounds LUERING. But, being pregnant comes with its own curriculum. It can be a life upside-down, as you know. During that kinda testing time, opting for a pampering subscription can give you a souring taste. For example, you received an essential bubble bath kit, and you are not a bubble bath person. So, instead of feeling relaxed and pampered, you feel frustrated with the company and wish to discontinue their subscription, but you cannot, because of their policy, and now the whole pampering thing turns into a nightmare. When this is supposed to be a time for you to feel RELAX and avoid anything that might add to your stress levels. You got yourself a subscription to cancel! To avoid such situations in the future, we got this article here, to help you find everything about Bump Boxes, & make an educated decision. Bump Boxes offer four kinds of subscriptions: Month to month subscription: Six-month subscription:Nine-month subscription:Twelve-month subscription: How to cancel my Bump Boxes subscription? You can only cancel the monthly paid subscription. The month-to-month subscription is the only subscription that you cancel before the upcoming billing cycle without paying any cancellation fee. For other 6,9,12-months subscription plans, opting to cancel, will mean paying a 25$ cancellation fee, upfront. Only after paying the one-time cancellation fee of 25$, will you be able to cancel the 6,9,12-months subscriptions. The bundled subscriptions are not eligible for refund or cancellation. You will receive the packages from Bump Boxes for your full length of commitment.  To cancel your subscription follow the steps: Step 1: Open up the Bump Boxes website on your web browser. Step 2: Log in to your Bump Boxes account. Step 3: Now, after logging into your account, you can see, the “Billing” button on your screen. Click it to access billing information. Step 4: On your billing information page, you will find, the ‘Cancel Plan’ button. Click it to cancel your SUBSCRIPTION. How can I stop the auto-renewal of my subscription? To stop the auto-renewal of the Bump Boxes subscription, you need to cancel the plan, after receiving the delivery for the current billing cycle, but at least 24hrs before the date of your upcoming billing cycle. Are there any early cancellation fees for Bump Boxes? For the 6, 9, or 12-months Bump Boxes subscriptions, you need to pay 25$ upfront if you wish to break free before the completion of your commitment.  This is a one-time cancellation fee. Remember, cancellation at Bump Boxes can take up to a week, so keeping that in mind always try to cancel at least a week before the date of your upcoming billing cycle, just to be on the safe side. How can I contact Bump Boxes over the phone or by email? You can ring Bump Boxes at 888-913-7879  Or  Can email at info@bumpboxes.com.
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