How to cancel Bumble subscription?

How to cancel Bumble subscription?

Dating is tricky, irrespective of what kind of relationship you wanna get in. Generally, a first move made by a woman, makes them someone who cannot be taken seriously and is probably looking for some casual hookup. I wonder who can we blame for such prevailing prejudices. Well, nonetheless, because of these prejudices, it has been difficult for single women to find potential heterosexual partners for a very long time. But Bumble understood this dilemma and made it mandatory for the woman to make the first step. This simple tweak in their app changed the perspective about women who wanted to make decisions, and not be undermined for it. Bumble also made its space LGBTQI friendly, giving people a chance to not only find love interests but also to find business partners and BFFs. It can be hard to live with your biological family or local acquaintances. So once in a while, meeting someone nice via a dating app just to have a chat is blissful therapy. And if you have met the right partner, or BFF for you, and don’t need the Bumble anymore to help you in doing a little bit of bumbling on your behalf, then follow through the article to cancel the Bumble subscription. How to cancel Bumble subscription on Apple App Store? Step 1: First thing first, launch, “Settings” on your iOS device. Step 2: Then click on your Apple Id, visible at the top of your iOS device. This will trigger a message on your screen with a button, “View Apple ID” click on it to view. Step 3: Here click on the “ Subscription” option to open up the list of subscriptions purchased via an apple device. Step 4: Now from the list of the subscriptions, select the Bumble subscription, to open its details. Step 5: On the detail page you will find, “Cancel Subscription”, click on it to cancel the Bumble subscription. Thereafter obey the prompted queries before finally canceling your Bumble subscription. How to cancel Bumble subscription on Google Play Store? Step 1: First of all, open the Google Play Store app on your android device. Now, tap the hamburger menu visible at the left corner of your screen to open it, from the menu select “Subscriptions.” Step 3: Thereafter, search through your list of subscriptions to find a Bumble subscription. Click on it to open its details. Step 4: Finally click on the”Cancel” button to cancel it. You will be required to obey a few prompted queries before finally canceling the subscription. How to cancel Bumble Boost if you subscribed with your credit card on an Android or iPhone? Step 1: Launch the Bumble app on your device and tap on the menu icon, visible at the top left corner of your device.  Step 2: Then follow this sequence to cancel the Bumble subscription: Tap the Bumble Boost icon (can be seen under your profile picture) < “Manage your subscription< “Cancel.” How to cancel Bumble Boost if you subscribed on Bumble Web? Step 1: Click on the Bumble website and log in to your account.  Step 2: Now click on your profile picture, situated at the top-left corner of your screen. Step 3: Thereafter, click on “Manage your Boost”, to open the manageable options, here under the brief detail regarding your subscription, you will find, “Cancel” button. Click on it to cancel the Bumble subscription. 📺 Video on how to cancel Bumble subscription: Source: https://bumble.com/en-in/help/how-can-i-cancel-my-bumble-boost-subscription-through-google-play https://bumble.com/en-in/help/how-can-i-cancel-my-bumble-boost-subscription-through-itunes https://bumble.com/en-in/help/how-can-i-cancel-bumble-boost-if-i-bought-it-with-my-credit-card https://bumble.com/en-in/help/i-canceled-my-subscription-but-i-m-still-getting-charged https://bumble.com/en-in/help/why-have-i-been-charged-for-a-free-trial
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