How to Cancel BritBox subscription?

How to Cancel BritBox subscription?

Has it ever happened to you, that you were watching one of the best thrillers, but you felt bored to death? And not because of the bad acting, or bad storyline, but because you know what is going to happen. There is no more suspense left in anything for you. And your brain has stopped getting any stimulation, irrespective of watching a world-class drama unfolding on your screen. Well, this is the truth of life, we humans can get bored of anything. Eventually wanting to have some break and solitude. So, let’s get you some break and solitude, following your way down this article you will find 4 different ways to cancel a BritBox subscription. How to cancel BritBox subscription via Apple device (iPhone, iPad)? Launch, “Settings” on your Apple device.Tap on your Apple Id visible at the top of your screen.This will trigger a message pop up on your screen, flashing a button, “View Apple Id”. Click on it.Then, on this new page, look for “subscriptions” and click on it to open the list of subscriptions you have on your Apple device.From this list of subscriptions, select, “BritBox subscription”. Then click on the, “Cancel subscription” to cancel the subscription. Note: you might have to follow a few more prompted steps before finally canceling your BritBox subscription. How to cancel a BritBox subscription via Apple TV? Head to the “Settings”, on your Apple TV account. You can access the Apple TV from your iPhone,iPad, or laptop.Then, select the “Users & Accounts” option, available on your screen to move forward to the next page.On this page, you will find the “subscriptions” button. Click on it.Now, you will have a list of subscriptions in front of you. From this list select, “BritBox” subscription.And then, select, “Cancel subscription”, to cancel the BritBox subscription.Apple TV will prompt you to oblige with a few more queries before finally canceling your BritBox subscription. How to Cancel BritBox On Google Play? Launch open the Google Play Store on your Android phone or tablet. Make sure that you’re signed in to the same Google Account with which you signed up for the subscription of Britbox, or you will not find BritBox subscription in the list of subscriptionsThen, click on the hamburger menu, visible at the top left corner of your screen, to open up the menu. From the menu select, “Subscription”.This will open up a list of subscriptions on your screen.From the list select BritBBox subscription and then select Cancel subscription to cancel the subscription. How to Cancel Britbox On Amazon Fire TV or Firestick? First of all, go to the Memberships and Subscriptions section of your Fire TV account.Then, select “Manage subscription”, visible next to your BritBox subscription.Now, on this page, you will find a clickable link under Advance Controls, click on it to go to the next subscription page. On this page, you will find an option to end the subscription, select it and follow the prompted queries to end your BritBox subscription on Fire TV or Firestick.
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