How to cancel BoxyCharm in 1 minute.

How to cancel BoxyCharm in 1 minute.

BoxyCharm subscription really helps you out in discovering more brands and products for skincare and makeup. But, even when everything about all of their boxes is good, you cannot use all the products. And sooner or later starts to hoard all these amazing products. Which is a complete waste of your money. So, if you are done with the exposure, and ready to settle down as a loyal customer for the few best products, cancel the ongoing BoxyCharm subscription by following the given guides. How to cancel a BoxyCharm subscription online? Step 1: First, open up the BoxyCharm website and log into your BOXYCHARM account Step 2: Then, from the left menu, select, “Subscriptions”.  Step 3: Select the “Edit” button. Step 4: Select the “Cancel Subscription” button. Step 5: Hit the “Cancel anyway” button. Step 6: Tap, “Yes, please cancel” button to finally cancel the BoxyCharm subscription.  📺Bonus Video: Why I canceled my BoxyCharm subscription. How to cancel a BoxyCharm subscription via mail? Step 1:  Write a letter requesting to cancel the BoxyCharm subscription. Step 2: Mail the application including your account details, to the following address: Boxy Charm Inc., 880 SW 145th AVE, Pembroke Pines, FL, 33027.  How to cancel the BoxyCharm subscription via email? Step 1: Write an email to, with a subject line, “Cancel BoxyCharm” subscription. Step 2: Include all the details regarding your account and ask them to send over the confirmation regarding your cancelation of your BoxyCharm subscription. Source:
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