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How to cancel Blink Fitness subscription?

How to cancel Blink Fitness subscription?

The perfect 4-pack, or 6-pack, or 8-pack abs are attracting the world to hit the gym. But, on an average more than 70 percent of people fail to marry this new regime of gym training to their life. And keeps paying the recurring subscription fees, in the hope that one day they will be able to calendar and achieve the gym session as well. Well, there is no fault in hoping, the world is running on hope. But, the smart move will be to start training at home using the Youtube tutorial or few apps, before financially committing to any gym subscription, without utilizing it. So, make the smart move and cancel your Blink Fitness membership, following the mentioned steps. How to cancel the Blink Fitness email? Canceling via email is a smart move as you will be able to cross-check the provided information, and keep a track of the progress, without putting too much of your time. Compose an email to the customer representative to, with a subject line, “Cancel the Blink Fitness” subscription.In the email ask them to cancel the Blink Fitness subscription, before the commencement of your next billing cycle. How to cancel the Blink Fitness membership via phone? Dial-in the Blink Fitness customer care service on 800-256-1953, and ask the representative to cancel your Blink Fitness membership.And make sure to remind them to cancel the Blink Fitness membership. How to cancel the Blink Fitness membership via letter? Write a request to Blink Fitness to cancel your membership.Mention all the following in your request to cancel Blink Fitness: First NameLast NamePhone NumberEmail AddressUser NamePasswordBilling AddressCityStatePostal codeCountryReason for CancelationLast 4 digits of the cardAmount of the last chargeDate of the last chargeMembership locationDate of birthAccount numberAnd sent the letter to the following address: 386 Park Ave South, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10016 How to cancel the Blink Fitness subscription in person? Go to the nearby BlinkFitness gym, and ask them to assist you with the cancellation process.They might ask you to opt for the alternatives, so remain polite and ask them to cancel the subscription anyway.
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