How to Cancel BetterHelp subscription? {Best Methods}

How to Cancel BetterHelp subscription? {Best Methods}

Betterhelp, started as a platform to make therapy accessible for everybody. But, even when you are talking to real psychologists, and are able to message them whenever you like out of the sessions, you cannot replace them as a replacement for face to face session as per their T&C. So, it is not a replacement of therapy! You cannot take the diagnosis, drugs recommendations, or any kind of treatment recommendations from the Betterhelp psychologists. Now, if you are suffering from any kind of psychological issues, I don’t think toying with your mental well-being will be of any help for you. Without proper diagnosis, or treatment, it is very hard to say if you can expect any kind of progress., even when you are spending monthly. It will be better that you cancel the Betterhelp subscription, and go for a face to face sessions with a psychologist, who can analyze you properly. How to cancel the Betterhelp subscription online? Step 1: Open up this web address, in your web browser. Step 2: Head to, “Account Settings”. Step 3: Hit, “Payment Settings”. Step 4: Then, choose either Change Plan or Quit Counseling  Step 5: Give an answer, regarding why you want to cancel the membership. Step 6: Hit Quit Counseling Note: After successful cancellation of membership, you will receive a confirmation email. 📺 Bonus Video: A Psychologist Weighs in on BetterHelp How to cancel BetterHelp Subscription via online form? Step 1: Open up the contact form on your web browser. Step 2: Enter the name and email address of the account holder. Step 3: Provide a reason for quitting the Betterhelp subscription. Step 4: Hit, “Submit” How to cancel BetterHelp via email? Step 1: Compose an email addressed to, with subject line, “Cancel Betterhelp Subscription”. Step 2: Include all the details related to your account that can verify you, and then ask them to cancel the subscription before the commencement of the next billing cycle. Source:
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