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How To Cancel BET Plus Subscription?

How To Cancel BET Plus Subscription?

If you wanna see someone on a screen with whom you can feel belonging, or to discover more engaging content than the usual streaming platforms. BET Plus is a nice choice. You will find a lot of shows, and movies to Binge-Watch. But, if you are looking for a platform that includes live streaming of sports, news broadcasting, or shows different than BET Plus. You might have to look for other subscription services that suit more to your needs. To cancel the BET Plus subscription is very easy in comparison to other streaming platforms. Follow the given below guide to cancel BET Plus subscription. How do I delete the app on an Apple TV? Step 1: Navigate your way to the “Settings-menu”. Step 2: Then, hit “General” on the screen. Step 3: Afterward, scroll down through the screen, and hit, “Manage Storage”. Step 4: Look for the BET+ app (highlight it), select the little trash can icon adjacent to it, to cancel the BET+ subscription. Step 5: Finally, hit “Confirm”.  How to cancel BET+ on iOS or iPad? Step 1: Open up the “Settings” or iTunes on your iOS device Step 2: Tap on your Accounts ID Step 3: Select ‘Subscriptions”. Step 4: Select BET + subscription Step 5: Toggle off the Auto-Renew button. How do I cancel my BET Plus subscription with Roku? Step 1: Pick up your Roku remote, and select the “Home” button on it. Step 2: Now, using the directional buttons, navigate through the channel grid, and highlight BET + subscription. Step 3: Hit the * button, while highlighting the BET+ channel. Step 4: Select “Manage Subscription” Step 5: Select “Cancel Subscription” Step 6: And finally hit “Done” How to cancel BET Plus subscription by email? Step 1: Compose, an email to, with a subject line, “Cancel BET+ subscription” Step 2: Provide all the details regarding your account, and ask them to cancel the BET+ subscription before the commencement of the next billing cycle. How to Cancel BET + subscription on Android device? Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store on your Android device Step 2: Tap on the hamburger menu, select “Subscriptions” Step 3:Select BET + subscription Step 4: Hit” Cancel Subscription” Will I get a refund if I cancel my subscription? In case you have purchases the subscription from the BET+ then,  How to cancel my subscription on the BET Plus website? Step 1: Visit on your web browser. Step 2: Navigate to the settings menu. Step 3: Here, opt for “Manage your Subscription”.  Step 4: Then, “Sign In”, and select “Manage” under Subscription.  Step 5: Click on the link to cancel the subscription, and follow the prompted actions. Source:
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