How to cancel BeenVerified subscription?

How to cancel BeenVerified subscription?

Whether you are running a recruitment spree in your office or searching for a house to buy, getting a verified person to hire or buy a house from, is a very important, and non-life-threatening thing to do. Every day, we expose ourselves to get in serious contracts with strangers, facing huge risks to us and our assets. BeenVerified studied this unmet need very well and since has been helping out people to contact genuinely interested people instead of meeting with con artists. But, once you discover the right candidate for your job or house seller for you, you won’t need BeenVerified at all.  So, it will be best to timely cancel the BeenVerified subscription rather than procrastinating it for the future. How to Cancel BeenVerified subscription via email? Compose an email to and ask the BeenVerified customer service team to cancel your BeenVerified membership.Don’t forget to include your full name, address, and BeenVerified member ID. Note: You will receive a confirmation from the BeenVerified subscription email. How to Cancel BeenVerified over the phone? Get in contact with the BeenVerified customer service on 1-888-579-5910.Then provide the BeenVerified representative your 9-digit member ID and ask them to cancel your BeenVerified subscription. How to Cancel BeenVerified subscription via iTunes? First thing first, go to “Settings” on your iPhone and then select “iTunes & App Store”.Afterward, sign in with your Apple ID, and get into iTunes.Then, go to “subscriptions”, and then click on “Manage”.Select, “BeenVerified” subscription and select, “Turn Off Auto-Renewal”. How to Cancel BeenVerified Membership Account Via Online? Open up the BeenVerified official website, and then log in to your account.Go to the “Contact Page”, and request to cancel the BeenVerified account.Finally, give in the 9-digit membership ID, and follow the process to finally cancel your BeenVerified account. Source:
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