Avast VPN

How To cancel Avast VPN

How To cancel Avast VPN

Avast VPN has been making it impossible for notorious cookies to intercept our locations, IP addresses,personal preferences, and various interests. Saving us from being the guinea pig for the ongoing social engineering, to harvest favorable customers. But, as the world is raising concerns against the ongoing privacy breach to collect refined data, better products than Avast VPN are coming into the picture. And, when it is about privacy and creating a Virtual Private Network for professional and personal matters, it is better to opt for the better and economical option. So, if you are going for another product, and canceling the ongoing Avast VPN subscription, read the article. How to cancel the Avast VPN via the Google Play store? Open up Google play on your screen, and then click on your profile picture or avatar.And then select, “Payments and subscriptions”.Select Subscriptions, to open up the list of subscriptions.Finally, from the list of subscriptions, select the Avast subscription.Then tap Cancel subscription, and follow the directivities before finally canceling  the VPN subscription. How to cancel the Avast subscription via the Apple store? Go to the Apple store and tap on your avatar.Then, select Subscriptions (or Manage Subscriptions) from the Account settings page, to open up the list of the subscriptions.From the list of subscriptions, select Avast subscription 4. And click on “Cancel Subscription” to cancel the Avast subscription. You will be required to fulfill a few queries before finally canceling the Avast subscription.
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