Once you have the perfect playlist on the Apple Music, you would want to download it to use it, whenever it is raining, you gym–ing, and partying, without attending to thousands of ads on Apple music.

To download all the songs from Apple Music follow the given below guides:

How to Download All Songs in Apple Music on an iPhone?

Step 1: Open up the Music app on your phone. And head to the “Library.”

Step 2: Select, either “Albums” or “Playlists.”

Step 3: Long-tap on the album that you want to download. A menu will open up, from the menu select, “download”.

Step 4: Alternative method to download your album will be to click on the iCloud option from the menu.

How To Download All Apple Music Songs on a PC?

Step 1: Download the iTunes app on your Windows or Mac.

Step 2: Open up iTunes app  on Windows. For Mac go to, “Music”.

Step 3: Select: “File” < “New” < “Smart Playlist.”

Step 4: Set the rules, and tick the box for,  “Match for the following rule”. And hit, “Ok”.

Step 5: Select, “Time” and set it for your downloaded album.

Step 6: Select, “is greater than”. And select a value for it.

Step 7: Enter “00:00” in the space so that all songs of the album can be downloaded from the beginning.

Step 8: Uncheck the “Limit to”.

Step 9: Check the box for “Live updating” to download the newest songs of the album. It Hit, “Ok”.

Step 10: Name your playlist downloaded. And you will find the playlist in the library.

📺 How to Download Every Song in Apple Music

How to Download All Songs in Apple Music on an Android?

Step 1: Open up the Apple music app on your Android device.

Step 2: Open up the “Library”.

Step 3: Long-tap on the album you want to download. And open up the overflow menu.

Step 4: Select, “Download”.