Don’t need an AOL account anymore? Learn to Delete AOL account & subscription.

Don’t need an AOL account anymore? Learn to Delete AOL account & subscription.

If you still have an AOL account, or recently signed up for it to see if something has changed over the decades, then you are probably not gonna feel much delighted. AOL does not have anything new, the content is pretty much the same if compared with other internet sites. So, you can enjoy the nostalgia for a while, for having the account one of the oldest companies. But, you really don’t need one more account to handle. Learn, how to cancel the AOL account and subscription, in less than a minute. How to Cancel AOL subscriptionThrough the Website? Step 1: Go to the “My Account” page on the web browser of AOL, make sure that you are already logged in. Step 2: Then select “My Services”< “Subscriptions Step 3: Select “Manage” adjacent to the AOL subscription, you wanna cancel. Step 4: Get your account verified, and hit “Cancel”. Step 5: Then select, “Cancel My Billing” from the bottom of your screen. Step 6: Finally, choose a reason for canceling the AOL subscription in the drop-down menu, and hit “Cancel My Billing”, for the final time. How to Cancel AOL account Over the Phone? Step 1: Dial 1-800-827-6364, and ask an AOL representative to cancel your AOL account Step 2: Keep patience, and provide all the details asked of you, if required politely decline persuasive offers. Can I Expect a Prorated Refund After Canceling? AOL does not have any provision to offer refunds for cancellation. But, you will have access to the paid features, until the end of your running subscription Can I Pause My AOL Subscription Instead of Canceling? No, AOL does not have an option to pause the subscription, in between, You can only cancel the subscription, or purchase it.
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