How to share your Amazon Prime with people in your family

In today’s world, Amazon is is used by everyone! Amazon’s Prime membership allows users to get benefits like free ebooks, magazines, early access to exclusive deals, unlimited cloud storage, and numerous gaming options. The subscription costs $119 annually. However, you can bring down the burden of signing up with Prime membership alone by sharing the benefits and cost with family and friends.  Users can reap the same benefits through Amazon Household. It allows you to share your membership with one other adult, four teens, and four children via just one payment.  Creating an Amazon Household 1.  Open amazon and click on the “Accounts and Lists”. 2.  Click on “Your Account”. 3.  Under the “Shopping Programs and Rentals” tab, click on “Amazon Household”. 4.  To add another adult- select “Add Adult”. You can send an invitation email or sign up together to verify your accounts. 5.  To add a teen- select “Add a Teen”. The teen must accept the email invitation to set up their login. 6.  Repeat step 5 to add a child. However, this time you must click on “Add a Child”.  Reviewing content sharing You can review your content sharing settings through Family Library. This is really important to distinguish between the content that can be seen by you or your kids. Removing members from Amazon Households You can also remove members from Amazon Households by following the steps below:  1.  Go to Amazon Household. 2.  Select “Manage your Household”. 3.  Click on the remove button under that particular name.
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How to turn off Amazon Alexa Delivery Notifications

Whether it’s debating something silly with a friend, or listening to your favorite playlist, Alexa is always at our rescue with instant help. There’s so much that can be done with the magic of Alexa. However, if Alexa ruins your surprise gift, that wouldn’t be entertaining at all.   If your kid or partner is suspicious that you have ordered something, they can just ask “Alexa, where’s my stuff?” and Alexa may blurt out all that you have planned. There goes your whole surprise!  To save yourself from embarrassment, disable notifications on your Echo devices using the Alexa app. Disabling Amazon Alexa Notifications 1.  Open the Alexa App. 2.  Select “Open” and open “Settings”. 3.  Click on “Notifications”. 4.  Then, click on “View Notifications”. 5.  Use the tab to turn the notifications off. P.S. You can always turn on your notifications following the same steps as above. 
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How to delete your Amazon Alexa Voice History

Alexa is everyone’s secret keeper. The wonderful AI technology lets you record conversations and go back to them whenever you feel a bit nostalgic or need details from those conversations. However, you never know who might be listening in on your conversation recordings, which may make some users a little frightened or embarrassed.  However, you can save yourself from this hassle. With a few clicks, you can delete your Alexa’s voice history. And if you’re worried about deleting an important conversation, you can also listen to your conversations before deleting them. Follow the steps below to delete your Amazon Alexa Voice History 1.  Log into your Amazon account. 2.  Tap “Accounts and lists” (in the top-right corner). Under the tab, click “Alexa Privacy and Review Voice History”.  That’s the place where you can see and listen to all your voice recordings. 3.  Click on any one of those recordings to either listen or delete.  4.  You can also delete everything at once. Check out the top of the list for the same and you can delete recordings all at once.  Enabling Alexa to delete recordings automatically  Click on the “Enable deletion by Voice” tab. Now, anyone can delete their recent conversation with Alexa by simply saying “Alexa, delete what I just said” or by saying “Alexa, delete everything I said today”. P.S. To hear recordings before deleting them, tap on the play button next to the recordings. There you go. Now you can hear all your conversations with Alexa. 
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How to Unlock Your Amazon Account

Is your Amazon account locked? Don’t panic. There are common reasons this might happen. Here, we’ll help you identify why and provide you with the steps to resolve the issue.  Reasons Your Account Has Been Locked There are 5 main reasons as to why your amazon account is locked, they include: 1. Failed Credit Card Verification When you create a new Amazon account and add a credit card, the first thing Amazon will verify is the billing address- ensuring that it matches the default address you linked with the account. If not, Amazon will be quick to lock your account to prevent potential fraud. 2. Suspicious Gift Card Activity To comply with various money laundering regulations, Amazon treats gift cards like cash. So if you’re using an unusually large amount of Amazon gift cards to do your shopping, it can be a red flag for Amazon and may result in your account being locked.  Your account will also be immediately suspended if you open a Prime account and the first thing you try to do is to buy a gift card. 3. The Use of Multiple IP Addresses If you’re using your Amazon account from multiple locations around the world, it’s likely Amazon will lock your account, out of suspicions of hacking. For example; if you open an account in Canada, but begin purchasing a substantial amount of products through an IP address that’s located in England, Amazon might think that someone in England hacked your account and will lock it to prevent further damage. 4. A Lot of Returns Amazon is stringent when it comes to an above-average volume of returns. So if you’re looking to return a substantial amount of items you purchased from Amazon in a short period of time, your account may incur suspension because of it. 5. A High Volume of Orders If you’re consistently buying a large number of items, particularly the same ones and on a new account, Amazon may lock your account to prevent potential reselling of products. If you do need to purchase the same items recurringly, it is suggested that you keep your total to less than $250 per day. There are two lessons to take from the most common reasons Amazon locked your account.  Most occur to protect you as the user and your account from potential fraud or hacking.It’s easy to lock your Amazon account accidentally, which is why you should know how to successfully unlock it. How to Unlock Your Amazon Account When it comes to unlocking your amazon account the key is persistence. Many have reported that they had to contact Amazon every day for several days in order for their account to finally be unlocked. Here are the best ways to contact Amazon: Upload Documents Step 1: Find your last order dispatch confirmation email and click the link to access your account Step 2: Attempt to buy any product and you will be directed to a message that prompts you to ‘add documents’ to confirm your billing information.  NOTE: Keep in mind that it might still take a few days for Amazon to review your documents. One customer reported that after uploading, they never heard back and had to try a different way days later. Contact by Phone Step 1: Call Amazon at +1(206)-266-2992 and ask to talk to a supervisor. Make sure to have your verification details on hand when they ask.  Step 2: Explain that your account was blocked by mistake and that you’d like to request that an account specialist review the situation and unlock your account.  NOTE: Although the Amazon supervisor will most likely tell you a specialist will contact you within 24 hours, one Amazon prime user reported that it had been a week and they had not yet received any calls or emails. Contact by Email  There are three options to email Amazon regarding your locked account:  Reply to an email from a specialist– If a specialist does happen to reach out, you can reply to the email directly.Email the CEO– If it’s a more serious matter, you can contact Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, through the email and his team will usually be able to escalate things more quickly. If successful, you may receive an email back similar to the following: Image source Email via the Amazon Portal– Go to the account sign-in page and click on “Need help?” Click “Other issues with sign in” then select “I cannot sign into my account” and you will be prompted to email Amazon through their website. NOTE: It may take just as long for Amazon to respond to your email this way, one customer reported that they never received a reply. Image source Chat Step 1: Log into a working Amazon account and ask for a supervisor through the chatbox.  Step 2: Explain that your account was blocked by mistake and that you’d like to request that an account specialist review the situation and unlock your account.  NOTE: It’s likely you’ll have a long turn around time with some customers waiting more than a week.  Fax Step 1: Amazon will provide you with the fax number. Step 2: Fax a copy of your statement for your payment information.  NOTE: In many cases, the fax number given has not actually worked. Let Someone Else Handle It If your amazon account is locked there are several methods to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, you’ll likely be forced into waiting even after taking the necessary steps. Instead, you can skip the stress and rely on 6ya to help you navigate through the situation. 6ya experts have the experience and knowledge to get your Amazon account back faster and without mistakes. 6ya is a mobile platform that offers instant professional help for anything regarding your tech, home, and auto needs. So along with your locked Amazon account, 6ya’s team of experts can help you fix a Netflix issue, or even resolve your car’s overheating engine. Not to mention, they’re available to take your call at any hour of the day, any day of the week, so you don’t have to be inconvenienced by issues that crop up. Avoid costly repairs and find solutions to your every need over a short call with 6ya. <GET INSTANT EXPERT HELP>
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How to Add to an Existing Amazon Order

Amazon is everyone’s go-to marketplace to buy almost everything, from apparel to books and groceries. If you place an order on Amazon in a hurry, you may want to amend it later. However, once the order is confirmed, you may not be able to add any products to your existing order directly. However, there are some lesser-known ways to do exactly that!  Here’s a guide on how to add any products to an existing Amazon order:  1.Open Amazon in your browser. 2. Select the item you intend to purchase. 3.Click on the ‘Add To Cart’ option. 4.Now that you have placed your order in cart, hover over to the home option to add more items.  5. Repeat the same process till you have added all the products you need.  6. Place your order. You can check your placed order under ‘Order and History’ 7. View your placed orders in the order history. 8. Now tap the “Want to combine orders?” button (This button is only available in case you have two or more open orders in your cart that are eligible to be combined. However, you may not be able to do so once you previous order had already been shipped) 10. Review your order and fill in your information about payments and shipping information. 11. Click on the ‘place your order and pay’.
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