How to hide your Amazon orders

Amazon is everyone’s favorite e-commerce company with an advanced order tracking and product recommendation system. Amazon also conveniently customizes your catalogs based on your most recent purchases.  You can easily find your order history in “Your Account” under the “Your Orders” tab. However, some users want to archive or delete their previous orders to limit their influence on upcoming Amazon recommendations.  Hiding Amazon Orders: Follow These Steps Step 1: – Log in to your account. Step 2: – First click on the “Your Account” tab, then click “Improve Your Recommendations” in the “Personalization” box. Here you find a chronological series of your order history. Step 3: – Remove unwanted items from your purchase history. You can simply do so by ticking the box next to the item i.e. “Don’t use it for recommendation”. Step 4: – Now your preferences will be saved automatically. You can also edit your history. To do so, click “View and edit your browsing history” under the “Personalization” tab. Now you can delete any items that you want to remove from your history.  
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How to Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime is a paid membership program for users that comes with plenty of benefits. With an annual fee of $79, Amazon Prime includes a host of benefits like free two-day shipping, Prime music, Prime photos, and Prime pantry.  While for some users, Amazon Prime seems to be a perfect fit and meets their needs, others may find that it’s not quite worth the fee. So if you fall into the second group, canceling a prime membership is relatively easy.  Canceling Amazon Prime Membership To cancel Amazon Prime membership, follow the steps below: Disabling/enabling upgrade: Open Amazon’s “Manage Your Prime Membership” page. Then, click on “Do not upgrade”. This will cancel your free trial. However, you’ll continue to receive the Prime benefits until the expiration of the trial period. If you want to become a paid subscriber, go to the “Manage Your Prime Membership” page and select “Automatically upgrade.” Source: WikiHow Source: WikiHow Source: WikiHow To cancel membership: Open Amazon’s “Manage Your Prime Membership” page. Then, click on the “Cancel membership” button to cancel your paid membership. You can also apply for a full refund of your subscription fee if you haven’t placed an Amazon Prime order. Source: WikiHow Source: WikiHow Source: WikiHow Source: WikiHow Source: WikiHow Disabling auto-renew: Open Amazon’s “Manage Your Prime Membership” page. Then, click on the “Do not auto-renew” tab. This will ensure that your subscription is canceled at the end of the membership period. However, you will still receive Prime benefits for the remaining membership period.
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How to track an Amazon Order

Amazon is everyone’s go-to place for quick purchases. While you order your favorite dress or gadget, you may want to track the shipments and estimated delivery dates. You can track all your orders, even the shipping details through Amazon’s website.  However, if you made a purchase using the Amazon Marketplace seller, the tracking number might not be unavailable. In such cases, buyers have to directly write to the seller regarding the shipment status. Tracking shipping details on Amazon: Follow steps ahead  Go to Amazon’s website. Click on “Your Account” and then on “Your Orders”. Source: WikiHow Log in to see a preview of your recent orders. Source: WikiHow Click on “Track Package” by the order. This will show you the tracking number and a summary of the tracking details. Source: WikiHow Tap “See Complete Tracking History”. Doing so will enable you to see the full tracking history. You can also copy the tracking number and paste it into the shipping company’s tracking page for further updates.  Source: WikiHow Finding Missing Packages Even if the tracking number isn’t available yet, your order might still be on its way. There might be a delay in scanning the package from the shipper’s side. Wait patiently and check again after some time. If it says that the order has been delivered, check for notice at your front door or check-up with your neighbors. If you are still unable to locate your package: Click “Where’s My Package” on the tracking page. Then, click on  “Request Refund/Replacement” to report the missing package.
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How to cancel your Amazon order

When it comes to Amazon, you will literally find anything at an affordable price. At times, in a bit of excitement, we all end up ordering non-essentials on the pretext of a great deal on Amazon.  However, you can cancel your order if you realize you might not need the product.   How to cancel an Amazon Order? Log into your Amazon account.Click on “Your Account” (on the top right) and tap “Your Orders.” You will then reach the orders summary page. Find the order you want to cancel. You can find the “Cancel Item” tab on the right-hand side.Select your canceling reason using the dropdown menu.Click “Cancel selected items” (at the bottom right).You will then be directed to a confirmation screen. Amazon will send you a confirmation mail to verify your cancellation request. After you fulfill all formalities, You will receive another email from Amazon stating whether your order was successfully canceled or not. What to do if you have an unsuccessful cancellation? Amazon has a convenient return policy. You can also file a return request in case your order has been delivered before you decide to cancel it. You can return most of the products and get a full refund within 30 days of purchase . 
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How to open an Amazon Account

Amazon is a popular, online retailing platform where users can buy a variety of products. However, to shop at Amazon, you may have to complete a few prerequisites. You may either sign up for a free or business account on Amazon. Creating a new Amazon Account Customers can create one Amazon account per email address. To create a new account, follow the steps below: Go to Source: WikiHow Hover over the “Hello, sign in” option (at the top).Now click on “Start here” next to the “New Customer?” tab. Now fill in your details such as full name, email address, password (for the new account).  Source: WikiHow Confirm the password by typing it again. Source: WikiHow Click on “Create your Amazon Account”. Source: WikiHow Now your account is set up. However, you must fill in some other details before you start ordering. Go over “Accounts and Lists” and then click on “Your Account”. Now click on the “Payment options” to enter your credit card details. Click on “Your Addresses” to enter your shipping address. Source: WikiHow Setting up Amazon Prime Account   Amazon Prime is a paid membership service. Prime members access services and content that aren’t available to free Amazon members. Some of its benefits are listed below: – Users can enjoy free two-day shipping on many items.Using Amazon Prime Video, you can stream movies, TV shows, and Amazon’s original content.Prime Wardrobe provides you with the facility to try out clothing for seven days before deciding to pay for it.Prime Reading offers free books for the Kindle app or other devices.Prime Music streams music to your devices. You can also create a personalized playlist. To set up a Prime account, follow the steps below: – Go to Amazon.comClick on the “Try Prime” tab. Source: WikiHow Then click on either the “Sign in with your existing Amazon Account” or “Create your Amazon Account”.Fill in your details such as name, address, phone number, and credit card information. And your Prime account is ready. You can opt for a monthly or annual subscription for Amazon Prime.  Setting up an Amazon Business Account Most businesses use Amazon for frequent purchases. If you are a registered enterprise at Amazon, you can receive discounts,price comparison features, and exclusive pricing for limited items.  Amazon offers both free and paid accounts for businesses. Paid accounts have Prime shipping benefits whereas free accounts don’t. They need to fulfill a minimum order eligibility to access free shipping. To sign up for a Business account, follow the steps below: – Go to on “Create a Free Account”. Source: WikiHow Fill in your details such as name, email, a password for the account. Source: WikiHow You can also Amazon Prime for Business. Click on the “Try Prime” link after you have created your account.
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