A-to-Z Guide on How to Order, Cancel, and Return on AliExpress

A-to-Z Guide on How to Order, Cancel, and Return on AliExpress

Shopping from AliExpress is quite fun. As it makes very easy to access amazing products from all around the world, at pocket friendly prices. But the design of the website is tricky. So, we have created complete guide regarding ordering, canceling the order, and asking for refund on the AliExpress website. So, read through the guide and shop, shop, shop. How to order on AliExpress? Step 1:  Open up the AliExpress website on your web browser. Step 2: Create an account with AliExpress, or Sign into the already created account. Step 3: Search through the products, and pick what you want to buy, and add those products to the cart. Step 4: Review your products in the cart, and hit, “buy”. Step 5: Provide your shipping information. ‘Step 6:  Enter the details of your Debit or Credit card, and hit, “ Place Order”. Step 7: You will have your tracking number and the details of the product, under” My Orders” section. How to Cancel the Order on AliExpress after the Payment? Step 1: Open up the Alibaba website, and log into your account. Then head to the “My Orders” section. Step 2: Now, look for the order that you want to cancel. And next to the order,select the “Cancel Order” option. Then, you will be transported to another page, here click, “Request Order Cancellation”. Step 3: Select a reason for canceling the order. Note: If you can prove that you are cancelling because of the seller, then it is very much possible to get a refund. Step 4: Now, wait for the seller to confirm your cancellation request. How To Get AliExpress Refund After Canceling an Order? Step 1: Open up the AliExpress website, and log into your account. Step 2: Look for the order you want to cancel, and select it. Step 3: Hit Cancel Order Step 4: Provide a reason to cancel the order and hit, “Submit”. Note: You are required to cancel before the order is in the shipment phase, and within 7 days after ordering the product on AliExpress. If you do everything right, you will be entitled to receive a refund. Once AliExpress accepts the cancellation, you will receive the paid amount in your account, within the 20 business days. How to return items on AliExpress? Contact the seller, try to strike a deal with them.  If you cannot get a justifiable deal for whatever reason, then contact the AliExpress and open a dispute with them for the seller in question. How to contact a seller on AliExpress? Step 1: Open up website, and sign in to your account. Step 2: Hover your mouse over your name to open up a drop down menu, and select “My Orders”. Step 3: Then, select the order for which you want to contact the seller.  You will see, “Contact Now” button, click it to contact the seller. If you don’t  see the “Contact Now” button, then click the name of the seller, to contact the seller of your order. Step 4: In the opened message box on your screen, write your message for the seller. If you want to upload pictures, you can also do that. After making your case clear, re-read your message, to avoid any confusion, and hit, “Send”.   Step 5: To read the messages received from the seller, go to the My Orders, and then click Unread Order Messages.  How to open a dispute with a seller? Step 1: Open up and log in. Step 2: Hover over your name near the top right corner of your screen, to open up a drop down menu, from the drop down menu select,  “My Orders”. Step 3: Look at the order with which you are having the issue, select, “Open Dispute” button. Step 4: Provide the details about the issue regarding the order, the amount of refund you want back, and whether or not you will send back the package. Step 5: Select your order, in the search box, attach the pictures, and click, “send”. Step 6: After having the elect Disputes, then select Escalate Dispute. Step 7: If you want to speed up the pressure to resolve the dispute, click, “Escalate Dispute”. Source:
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