How to cancel orders on Alibaba, and delete Alibaba Account? [To The Point}

How to cancel orders on Alibaba, and delete Alibaba Account? [To The Point}

Ordering anything in bulk across world is always a bit tricky. No matter how cheap you are getting the deal for, you can never too sure of the quality of the product, or demand in the markets. Anything can go sideways. So, if you ordered something, but down the line you realized that it might be better to wait out this time, and cancel the order, then probably you are making the right call. You lose nothing by letting an opportunity, or illusion to pass by, but a heavy money loss can definitely rob you of your second chance for a very long while. Can I cancel an Alibaba order before shipping? Yes, you can cancel your Alibaba order if your order hasn’t been shipped out. If your order has been shipped out, and you have already paid for the order, then you have to take the approval to cancel the order. Whether the order can be cancelled or not depends on the order status. How to cancel unpaid orders on Alibaba? Step 1: Open up Alibaba on a web browser. And login in your account. Step 2: Click, “All Orders”, then for the order that you want to cancel, hit, “Cancel Order”. Note: If the seller has changed details, after receiving your order, then you can submit a complaint by this link:  Submit a complaint How to cancel the orders for which the payment is being processed? You can only cancel the order, once the payment has been processed, not before. So, keep patience. How to cancel the paid orders on Alibaba? Step 1: Open up the Alibaba website, log into your account, click “All Orders”. Step 2: For the order that you want refunded, click, “Apply for refund”. Note: If your order has been shipped and paid for then you are required to contact the seller, and ask him/her to cancel the order, and refund your pay. How to Delete Your Alibaba Account? Step 1:  Open up Alibaba on your web browser, and sign in. Step 2:  Tap “My account” from the above menu bar, and then select, “click your username”. Step 3:  Click “Member Profile”. Step 4: Click “Deactivate Account”. Step 5: Pick a reason to delete your account, and then tap, “Deactivate my account”.
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