How to cancel Aflac Policy?[Effortlessly]

How to cancel Aflac Policy?[Effortlessly]

The voluntary based insurance policy has earned name for being, “milkshake duck” of the insurance industry. Aflac and their duck advertisement have been around for a very very long time. With their shaky reputation, it is very hard to trust, and will be better if you opt for other policies in the market. How to Cancel Aflac Over the Phone? Step 1: Call 800-992-3522, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Eastern time to talk with a human representative, otherwise the interactive voice response is active 24X7. Step 2: Ask the representative to cancel the Aflac, and provide the details asked of you. Such as, policy number, address, social security etc; Note: If you are conversing with an Interactive voice response, then in that case follow the prompts. How to Cancel Aflac Online? Step 1: Click this link:  Contact Customer Service page. Step 2: Type in all the necessary details in the form. Step 3: Select the most suitable request type. Step 4: In the Request section, type that you want to cancel the Aflac policy.  Step 5: Tap Submit How to Cancel Employer-Provided Aflac Policies?  To terminate the employer-provided Aflac policy, you are required to contact your HR, and fill the required forms. Then, be mindful of the fact that for after-tax employer-paid policy, the insurance coverage ends after the month of policy cancellation. But, for pre-tax coverage policy, the cancellation comes into effect only after 1 January of the next year. Does Aflac Offer Prorated Refunds? Aflac doesn’t provide refunds on early termination of an individual’s policy. But, it covers you till the end of the month. Though for the life insurance with cash value, you are entitled to claim cash after the expiration of the due period of the policy. Source:
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