How to cancel Acorns?[2022 Updated Guide]

How to cancel Acorns?[2022 Updated Guide]

Saving and growing your money is immensely important for having a long life, without working all your life. And Acorns allow you to grow and save money. But, the issue with investing is, if you got 1800% (don’t take it to the heart) returns on 1000$, you will want to invest all your savings and emergency funds the second time. And that can hurt like anything. With our cognitive bias working in the hindsight, we are prone to miss red flags and exaggerate the green flags. So, you are required to be a disciplined investor as well as a withdrawer. If you have achieved a goal of investing, and you think withdrawing the money will be a good decision, do that and cancel the Acorns subscription meanwhile to save the subscription cost. How to cancel Acorns using a Computer or Android? Step 1: Open up on the web browser of your computer or Android phone. Note: If you have an iOS device, then you can cancel the Acorns, using the Acorns app. Step 2: Log into your Acorns account. Step 3: Now, tap on your profile avatar, visible near the top right corner of your screen, and open up a drop-down menu. Step 4: From the appeared menu select, “Settings”. Step 5: Select, “Subscription” option. Step 6:  Here, you will be presented with two options. If you want to downgrade your current plan, then you have to, “contact support”. But, if you just want to close the account then all you have to do is click on, “Close My Account” Step 7: Finally, a message will appear on your screen, informing you that within the time period of 3-6 days you will receive the amount incurred after selling your investment. Just click, “Yes, Continue” to close the account. Follow the prompts to queries to complete the process. How to cancel Acorns subscription using the iPhone/iPad? Step 1: Launch open the Acorns app on your screen. Step 2:  Then, tap the hamburger menu to open up the drop-down menu. Step 3:  Select, “My Settings” option from the menu. Step 4: Then, select “Manage My Account”. Step 5: Select, “Close Account” button to initiate the process of closing your account with the Acorns. Step 6: Provide a reason behind your decision to cancel the account, and hit “next” to continue to the next screen. Step 7: Finally, a message will appear in front of your screen, informing you about the duration in which you will receive your amount and probable fluctuation in the amount due to the market. Here, click on the “Close Account” button to complete the process. Source:
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