Monat accommodates a wide range of products for your hair, skin, and pets.

But, their customers have complained about baldness, hair fall, and bloody scalp. And the multi level marketing network of Monat, also doesn’t generate much worth.

So, if you too are facing similar issues, you can cancel the Monat subscription via following the given below methods:

How to Cancel Monat via Phone Call?

Step 1: Dial (888) 867- 9987 on your phone to contact the customer care of Monat.

Step 2: Ask for a Monat representative.

Step 3: Ask the Monat representative to cancel your subscription, and cooperate in providing the required details, to cancel your Monat membership.

How to Cancel Monat via Email ?

Step 1: Compose an email with a subject line “Cancel Monat membership”, and enclose all your details related to the Monat account, and request to cancel the subscription.

Step 2 : Send the email to