Spoke is an evil necessity if you are living in a neighborhood that you don’t consider safe. But, Spokeo actually spooks people as it exposes a lot of personal details on its platform for the people to see.

So, be very careful while using the Spokeo, and in case you have shifted to a safer place, it will be better to cancel the Spokeo subscription and remove yourself from it.

How to Cancel Spokeo subscription online?

Step 1: Open up the Spokeo website, and log into your account.

Step 2: Head to, “Account Page”.

Step 3: Select, “Manage Account”.

Step 4: Select, “Cancel”.

How to Cancel the Spokeo subscription via email?

Step 1: Write an email, addressed to CustomerCare@spokeo.com

Step 2: In the email include the following credentials related to your account:

  • Full name
  • Email address or account name
  • Password
  • Last four digits of the credit card
  • Date of the last charge
  • Amount of the last charge

Step 3: Ask the representative to cancel the subscription before the commencement of the next billing cycle.

Bonus Video: Remove Yourself from Spokeo

How to Cancel Spokeo subscription over the phone?

Step 1: Pick up your phone and dial 1-877-913-3088

Step 2: Connect with the rep of the Spokeo.

Step 3: Ask them to cancel the subscription.

Step 4: Cooperate with the queries, and follow through with the process of cancellation.