Model Mayhem subscription allows you to connect with models for projects, and also showcase your profiles if you are a model.

But, now you can do that from Instagram. That too without paying any extra money apart from your Internet bills. And the transparency is also very high, and safe.

So, to cancel the Model Mayhem subscription follow the given below guide:

How To Cancel Your Model Mayhem Account Online?

Step 1: Open up this link:  on your web browser, and log into your account.

Step 2: Head to, “My Stuff”.

Step 3: Select, “Settings” option.

Step 4: Hit, “Cancel Account” button.

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How to Cancel Your Model Mayhem Account via Email?

Step 1: Compose an email, addressed to

Step 2:  Subject the email, “Cancel My account”.

Step 3: Provide all the necessary details regarding your account, and ask them to cancel the account.

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How to Cancel Your Model Mayhem subscription via online?

Step 1:  Open up the website and log in to your Model Mayhem account.

Step 2: Select, “My Stuff”.

Step 3: Head to VIP wallet

Step 4: Hit, “Cancel Subscription”.