Every video ever produced on Youtube on “ How to use Snapchat” is just bound to attract more than 100k views.  

And there are like HUNDREDS of such videos!

Not kidding! We even have Kylie Jenner on YouTube, giving a short DIY on “How to Use Snapchat”.

You can find her here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CL3ruSBBtzQ

You want to know why?

Because, a lot of us HUMAANs still feel really uncomfortable while using Snapchat!

Henceforth (love this old word), I have decided to make it FUN for you by creating a guide on “How To Cancel Anything On Snapchat”.

So, if you don’t feel like using it, you can always delete it. 😉

How Can I Delete Your Snapchat Account?

Step 1: First thing first, go to Snapchat’s account portal https://accounts.snapchat.com/accounts/delete_account

Step 2: Enter Your credentials.

Step 3: Verify your phone number by entering the received OTP.

Step 4: Re-enter your credentials again, and then click, “Continue” and your account will be deactivated for 30day, and then deleted forever.

How to recover deleted accounts on Snapchat?

It is very easy to recover your deleted account on Snapchat if 30days have not passed. You just need to log back into your account and you will find everything as it is.

Can you cancel a location request on Snapchat?

The “Location request” feature certainly turned on a lot of ears, at the time of its launch, as people believed that such features can breach any individual’s privacy.

But, then on the other hand no one can deny that in the past few years, this feature has also helped Snapchat’s users to feel secure and connected at all times.

Well, let’s dive into this quest, “Can you cancel a sent location request on Snapchat?”

NO, not at all. Snapchat still doesn’t have the provision to cancel such requests.

The location request sent from your end will appear in the chat and will look like something.

So, don’t use this feature with strangers or until you feel that the recipient of such a request will be 100% comfortable with it, and will not take it in any manner as “personal space invasion”.

It is AWESOME to be mindful of other people’s personal space.

Now, we all know that Snapchat is cool because everything gets deleted in like 24 hrs. So, let’s dig into our next quest.

When does Snapchat delete Snaps?

Snapchat servers are super cool and automatically delete all Snaps from their memory after they’ve been viewed by all recipients.

Though, Snaps sent on one-to-one chats are preserved for 30 days, and are only deleted after the expiration of 30 days time.

Unopened Snaps sent to a Group Chat automatically get deleted after 24 hours.

So, you can always be assured of the fact that your personal data gets deleted after every 30 days if not 24 hrs.

How to delete a snap before someone sees it?

Deleting a Snap is very easy but that won’t get you off the hook. The supposed recipients will know that the snap has been deleted.

Step 1: Tap on the Snap that you want to delete and hold it for a while until a pop-up appears with an option to, “Delete” the snap.

Step 2: Select, “ Delete”.