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What is 6ya ?

6ya allows Creators and domain Experts to earn money by providing Instant Advice to their followers via voice and video.

Bonus $100 Sign-up Bonus
When you accept at least 20 calls within 7 days from activation*

Substantial Revenues

Earning potential is 4-5 times higher than your ad revenues

Financial Freedom

Have 100% control of your earnings while reducing dependence on volatile revenue streams.

Over $1 Million paid

The average Expert generates $1,500 per month for a few hours of work each week

Why use 6ya ?

Monetize your Expertise

Answer your followers questions while generating incremental revenues.

Diversify your Income

Reduce dependence on a single revenue stream you have no control over.

Time is Money

Decide how much your time is worth and set your per-consultation rate.

Decide When

You decide when you’re available to take calls and when not.

Fast & Efficient

Most questions your followers have can be answered over a 5 minute call.

No flat or monthly Fees

We take a small % of the revenues that are generated through our platform.

What Creators are saying

I've been helping people on this platform for over a year now and generating over $1,500/month. This app is legit

Eddie B
Cars & Trucks Expert

6ya is awesome. I was looking for a way to provide paid advice to my Youtube followers as advertising revenue is constantly going down and 6ya is perfect for that.

-Tina L
Relationships Advisor

Before I started using 6ya I had to ask my customers to come to the shop for little things I can help with over the phone. Now I help them in seconds AND get paid - how awesome is that?

-Miranda G
Knitting & Sewing Expert

How 6ya Works

Sign up as an Influencer

Set your per-consultation rate

Promote your 6ya page

The more people see it, the more calls you’ll get.

Start Taking Calls

Get paid for every call you accept


  • Do I need a Smartphone or can I accept calls from a landline?

    In order to become a 6ya Expert and accept calls you must have a supported iOS or Android smartphone.

  • Can I decide when to accept calls or not?

    Absolutely. Once you complete your Expert account creation and download our App, you’ll have the ability to set your availability and Do Not Disturb option both manually or recurring.

  • How long do these calls last?

    On average, most calls do not exceed 5 minutes. However, the customer is not restricted nor expected to cut the call short.

  • How much will I earn?

    Your earnings will be directly determined by the number of calls you take & the rate you set. The more you promote your 6ya link on your channels, the more calls you receive. At any given time your 6ya app will show your current earnings when logged in on Expert mode. Note that calls under 1 minute are free to the customer and do not generate any fee.

  • How Do I get paid?

    As part of your profile and account creation, you will be asked to set up your method of payout. Currently Experts can receive their earning via PayPal, bank transfer or mailed check.

Make 6ya work for your audience


* $100 sign-up bonus will be paid when you accept at least 20 direct calls that are over 1 minute,
within 7 days from account activation.