Make Money Helping People Over the Phone!

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What is 6ya ?

6ya allows professional experts to earn money by providing quick help to customers over the phone.

what is 6ya?

Why should I join 6ya?

Earn $$$
for every call you take

Work from anywhere, anytime; whether that's all day or between jobs.

Set your own schedule

Average call is only 4-5 minutes long.

Share your expertise

Use your professional knowledge to help people with their product problems.

How 6ya Works

Set you availability,
and take calls anytime!
Set your availability
Accept voice & video calls directly on your phone
Accept voice & video calls
Monitor your earnings through the app
Monitor your earnings

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Create your 6ya profile in less than 5 minutes

Verify Your Experience

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Make Money Helping People

You decide how many calls to accept & when

We welcome Experts of all types!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become an Expert?

Typically it takes 2-3 business days for our Community Team to review... your Experience and get you started as an Expert. We’ll let you know the second you’re approved!

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What are the working hours?

Whatever you’d like!! Whether you’re available at night, or for a few hours... during the day, you can take calls whenever you feel like earning! Simply switch your Availability to “On”, and we’ll send you calls!

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How will I get Paid?

That’s up to you! We can send your payments via direct deposit, paypal..., or send you a check by mail.

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How long do calls last?

Typically a call will last 5-10 minutes

How Much will I earn?

That’s entirely up to you! Experts are paid out on a per call basis..., so the more calls you take the more you earn!

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Further Questions?

Further Questions? (877) 897 - 8666, or send us an email at