Make Money Helping People Over the Phone

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What is 6ya?

6ya allows professional experts to earn money by providing quick help to customers over the phone.

Why should I join 6ya?

Earn $$$ for every call you take **

Average call is only 4-5 minutes long.

Set your own schedule

Work from anywhere, anytime; whether that’s all day or between jobs.

Share your expertise

Use your professional knowledge to help people with their product problems.

How 6ya works

Get call requests directly to your smartphone
Provide quick recommendations. Most calls will last under 6 minutes
Earn cash for every call you take. It's that simple!

How to get started

Apply online

Complete our simple application process, which should only take a few minutes.

Phone interview

To help verify your experience, we require a short interview.

Start helping

Once approved, download the 6ya app and start helping people in no time.

* $100 bonus will be paid to Experts who accepts at least 20 calls within 7 days from their activation.
** Excluding calls under 1 minute.